Friday, January 22, 2010

The Roe v. Wade destruction

Can you imagine going home right now and killing your living, breathing, healthy, beautiful children? Can you imagine PAYING someone to tear your beautiful children apart, limb by limb, part by part or stabbing them in the back of the skull killing them instantly while you stand by and watch?


Then WHY is abortion OK? Because those questions you just answered No! to are EXACTLY what is happening during an abortion. Living, growing, beautiful babies, gifts from God, are being brutally murdered. Which these babies FEEL, by the way. And for what? Convenience. Convenience of supposedly making someones life "easier."

In this "choice" of making things supposedly easier, these parents obviously aren't considering the fact that they are committing murder and destroying their own souls in the process. You just can't make that choice if you have the facts and know the truth.

Abortion is NOT OK in any way, at any time. It's just not. The facts spell that out.

But if you have been hurt by abortion there is help, and there is hope. You can find help and healing with Rachel's Vinyard and many other good organizations out there. And through confession, if you're Catholic. But do seek help. Talk to a priest or someone you trust so the healing can begin.