Saturday, November 28, 2009

Good advice for "shaping your will" this Advent

As I was reading the following paragraph I was thinking how this advice is great as we are starting Advent and preparing for Lent. Start your spiritual exercise along with your physical exercise this Advent and Christmas season.

Keeping the will in shape requires self-discipline and self-governance. I wish there were a shortcut, but there isn’t. We have to discipline ourselves: use a budget; follow a personal schedule; go to bed at a reasonable hour so as to get up at a reasonable hour; eat and exercise healthily; keep our stuff (room, car, house, office, garage…) clean and in order; avoid over-indulgence in entertainment; do chores; don’t get distracted at work; avoid procrastination… Everything your mother taught you when you were growing up was steeped in wisdom. An ordered life is the backbone of a healthy will. This type of self-discipline, because it requires self-denial, can also be a fruitful source of penance. Sometimes we are attracted by exotic penances, like climbing the Holy Stairs on our knees. Nothing wrong with that. But the warp and woof of spiritual maturity are the quite unromantic realities of constancy and hidden sacrifice. These strengthen us, so that we can say yes to whatever our faith asks of us, no matter how wily our enemies get. Remember, it’s an ongoing thing – we will never be perfect at this here on earth; we will always be tweaking, adjusting, and recovering from bouts of disorder and laziness, but if the effort is constant, the fruits will be too. (emphasis mine)

Excerpt from Introduction to Spiritual Warfare – Part IV – Getting Down to Action

That's some good stuff, right?! I recommend reading the whole article, and the previous 3 articles about spiritual warfare, on the linked site as well. It's important information for our spiritual walk and growth.