Monday, October 26, 2009

CANDISC '09—My first bike tour: Day 3

Day 3: Tuesday, Aug. 4—Minnewauken to Fort Totten

Monday night/Tuesday morning turned out to be quite a chilly night sleeping right next to big Devils' Lake. I was buried deep into my sleeping bag all night and did wake up from the cold a few times. And in the very early morning hours woke to someone yelling for help because their friend was having an allergic reaction to something and couldn't breath. Scary! And not a very good night of sleep.

Around the normal 5 a.m. wake time in a hazy, sleepy stupor I wandered into the high school to hit the rest room, brush my teeth and get on my biking gear. When I got back out to my tent and sat down facing the door this is what I saw:

Wow! Suddenly the whole cold, sleep-deprived night was worth it. My tent was right by the little kids playground by the high school, as you can see, so I decided with a sunrise this beautiful I had to walk over to the lake to take more pictures.

And after getting back to my tent while packing I still had to take more. Yeah, I REALLY liked this sunrise. My name is DAWN, ya know! :)

Anyway, after the sun was up and I could put down my camera, we had a nice slow morning and very good breakfast. We didn't feel the need to rush because we had one of our short days of only 40 miles. (Heh, only 40 miles. Never thought I'd be saying something like that!:)

We rode around the edge of Devil's Lake for most of the day which offered many great sites and we had another very nice weather day. Since it was a short day with time to waste we even stopped in the town of Devil's Lake at a great coffee shop to have a latte and muffin to refuel. We also did some shopping in a few of the stores close by before heading back out on the bikes.

Here are Gayle and Ranae by Spirit Lake casino with part of Devil's Lake behind them. This was our last little "butt" break before heading the rest of the way to our campground at Fort Totten. A lot of the cyclists stopped at the casino to gamble but we had no interest in that so we just stopped for the view and a few minutes of rest.

It was a good day of riding but I could really feel the fatigue of the sleep-deprived night and was pedaling pretty slowly by the end of the ride. I was very happy to be at our campground and was really impressed with how well the inside area of this old fort worked for us. It was a fun night with a great atmosphere.

And the kids had a great time playing in this large open area all evening while a band played for us. A few of the adults "played" as well, dancing like crazy by the band. I had a good relaxing evening and slept like a baby all night, which is exactly what I needed because the next day was our longest day, 80 miles...

Days stats:
40 miles biked
11.9 MPH average speed
20.4 MPH max speed
3 hours and 12 mins. spent biking

CANDISC '09—My first bike tour: Day 2

I know, I know, I have been very bad at getting the postings for the rest of the tour days on the blog! It's been bugging me lately so it's time to get some more done. That darn conscience! :)

Day 2: Monday, Aug. 3—Drake to Minnewauken

OK, day two...

started with this great, unique, red sunrise. The sun was just GLOWING red. It looked much more impressive in person than could be captured with the camera. It was a good start to a good day.

Monday turned out to be a pretty nice weather day—not too hot, not too cool, a little more sun—with a {dah da dah} TAILWIND! Woohoo! I enjoyed the ride pretty much all the way and had quite an easy 65 miles. Most of the cyclists were relaxed and having a fun day. During the last couple of miles before camp one of the ladies I was riding by commented how this had been the easiest 65 mile day she had ever had. And here I had been thinking that I was just in better shape than I thought and I was going to breeeeeeze through this first tour! Ha, just kidding. But I did think, if most of the days could be like this one I would be one happy biker.

This was taken in the first hour or so of my ride that morning. It caught my eye on a fairly long stretch of flat, straight road so I grabbed the camera out of my handlebar bag and started shooting as I rode. Didn't my mother warn me not to do things like that?! ;)

Day 2 had nice views most of the way and when we pulled in to Minnewauken we had beautiful views because our campground was at the high school which sits right by big ol' Devil's Lake. In fact, the lake is growing and growing and they can't stop it so they predict the lake is going to envelop the high school in a manner of a few years and it will all be under water. The water is just feet from the back of the school at this point. I thought I had taken a picture but I can't find it.

The town of Minnewauken hosted a fun variety show for us that evening in the school gym right after we had a yummy spaghetti supper. We got some good laughs from those funny small town folks.

All around a very good day!

Days stats:
65 miles biked
13.1 MPH average speed
28 MPH max speed
4 hours and 48 mins. spent biking

What a wonderful world

Friday, October 16, 2009

Friday Fun: Another shattered dream

Finally! Someone has managed to photograph the pot at the end of the rainbow.

I think I will stop looking for those now.

Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Marriage—Almost Paradise

Here is a great reflection on marriage from Bill Donaghy for all of you lucky dating, engaged or married people out there. Please recognize the GIFT you have been/are being given and treat your relationship as such. May God bless your union always.