Thursday, August 27, 2009

Quote of the day: It's okay

A few of the other women came to check on me, each putting an arm around me and saying, "It's okay." I wasn't really in a position to explain it at the time, but that was actually why I was crying -- because it was okay. My tears were tears of overwhelming relief and gratitude, the sort of tears you might cry if someone to whom you owed a lot of money not only forgave your debt but handed you a million dollars. I had been given a priceless reminder, in the form a priest filled with love in the midst of his own hour of suffering, that while the grief we feel at the tragedies of this world is legitimate, we should never forget that the truth of the Gospel is essentially the truth that the sad saga of this world has a happy ending -- in fact, it's the happiest ending imaginable.

From Undefeatable joy by Jennifer at Conversion Diary