Monday, June 08, 2009

Quote of the Day—Love them across

You can’t spout formulas or Scripture verses to most people. You can’t introduce them to a loving God unless you do what Jesus did: love them across. For so many people, life has splattered them all over the pavement. A ditch is a chasm - truly an abyss separating them from all happiness. They can’t get there by words alone, deeds are critical, loving deeds that give them the confidence to ask just the simplest question: do you love me Jesus? Until they get to that point all they see is the unsurpassable ditch.

I have learned from my horses that no tiny deed goes unnoticed. Every stroke, every word builds a relationship of trust. It cannot be rushed and it must be maintained. There must be from me, an absolute commitment to inconveniencing myself for their greater good. And, I have found, sticking to the truth of what horses are and what I am.

How much more should I be prepared to love those whom I find across that great divide that most find themselves? Every little deed, service, or word must add to the crossing of that bridge. If I focus on loving my fellow beings across the abyss to God’s love, then I have been able to accomplish the miraculous things Jesus promised.

From Loving Them Across