Monday, March 30, 2009

Storm # ... oh, who can keep track there's been so many!

Sooooooooo, we got hit by another blizzard last night, and it's still snowing as I type this. On the noon news they said we had received 14.5" of snow so far and expected another 7-8" by the time this storm moves out. (Sadly, toward Fargo which is valiantly fighting off the flood, too!) The weather man also said that we were only about 5" away from breaking our all-time snowiest winter record. At this point I say, BRING IT ON! If we are going to come this far we might as well at least get a record out of it.

I couldn't get to work again this morning, and most of the town is pretty much shut down, so I was having fun taking pictures as I was out shoveling. I figured I had to post some photos on the blog to keep a record of this madness.

I started with the driveway. Here is the perspective from about a foot off the ground. The snow came to above my knees.

Woohoo, thank God for kind neighbors with snowblowers!!

You are welcome to come visit me, but ... uh ... you will have to fight your way in.

Next, I moved on to the back deck. Yeah! The wind was blowing the snow toward the house and made quite the drift. (BTW, I had shoveled off all of the snow from the previous blizzard. See post below.) There's no snowblower coming back here ... so, it was time to dive in full speed ahead. Me and my trusty little shovel. My arms are quite tired and no longer want to even be typing! (For those not from snowy parts, I had to shovel off the deck because that snow is HEAVY and it can collapse the deck if left with all of that weight on it.)

My poor little lilac bushes are just barely peeking out the top of the snow. They should be starting to bud and come to life about now, not be buried alive! For reference, that is a 4' fence between our yards there. Yikes! Spring? Where are you?!

I have to admit, though. As big of a pain as this snow can be it is also beautiful. As long as I don't have to be out driving in it or anything, I can appreciate the beauty.

As I was headed back in after all of the work I noticed something. Is that Italy stuck to my garage door?! It seems like it has been windy enough to be possible. ; )