Thursday, March 05, 2009

Love never fails, but I do.

I cut this prayer out of a Magnificat many months ago because I thought it said so many great things in a simple and succinct way. Tonight when I picked up a book it literally fell at my feet. I took it as a sign from God that I should be spending some time with this prayer this Lent. I encourage all of us to spend some time with this prayer, it's beautiful.

Jesus, I thank you
    for your love so strong.
May that love
    flow through me to others.
May I be patient
    when change comes slowly.
May I be kind
    when life seems harsh.
May I be gentle
    when others feel bruised.
May I be humble
    when things go well.
May I be peaceful
    when anger rises within.
May I forgive
    when wronged.
May I rejoice
    when the truth is discovered.
Love never fails,
    but I do.
May I hope
    when things seem hopeless.
May I persevere
    when the way is hard.