Saturday, March 07, 2009

Quote of the Day: Conversion

"Conversion is nothing more than a deeper discovery of what we already truly desire."
            Venerable John Henry Newman

We all have the desire for God within us from the moment of conception, that's our soul. Whether we know it or not, or want to face it or not, the desire is there! And we will never have peace while on this earth until we let that desire for God be the center of our lives.

My conversion has shown this to be the crystal clear truth! I always had an aching desire within me that left me feeling empty, lost, hurting and confused because I just didn't know what that desire was for. What would fulfill that desire. Then, finally, at 34 years old I was introduced to the fullness of truth, the Catholic Church, and my desire (my life) started making sense for the first time.

Conversion is a long road of growth, discovery, pain and joy that will take the rest of my life to travel down. But now the journey has purpose and meaning, and is oh-so-worth it!

In God's will is my peace.