Monday, March 02, 2009

The Catholics Next Door as a podcast!

I'm so happy!

Greg and Jennifer Willits are now able to put segments of their radio show "The Catholics Next Door" into a podcast for those of us that don't have Sirius radio and can't get the Catholic Channel. Woohoo! Now we can hear some of what we have been missing since the Rosary Army podcast ended. Thank you, thank you to Sirius radio, The Catholic Channel and Greg and Jennifer. You have made your people happy!

I had just been thinking a few days ago how I have missed hearing about the wonderful craziness that is the Willits family life. I was hoping that they would be able to share at least some of the radio show via podcast one of these days. Well, this weekend the announcement happened and the first episode is available for download. God is good. ;)

Subscribe to the show through iTunes or your favorite podcatcher at this site so you don't miss any episodes. The first episode has Jennifer going through ACTUAL labor and delivery of their 5th child and first daughter, Lily! How's that for a reality show?! It's beautiful.