Tuesday, March 24, 2009


We're sorry, spring has been temporarily canceled for all residents of North Dakota. Please put away all spring/summer related items until the blizzard and flooding have ended.

Thank you.

I forgot to take my chair off the deck before the blizzard started last night. I'm happy I did, though, because it made for a good photo op. Doesn't the chair look inviting with all of the soft, fluffy cushion on it? I think it would be rather chilly, however.

I also like the look of the "dip" in the middle where the chair folds.

UPDATE, 7:53 p.m.: I just walked by the back door and glanced out on the deck. When I saw the chair had gotten even "puffier" my first thought was "it's the Stay-Puff marshmallow chair." :) It made me giggle so I thought I would share.

On a more serious note, a couple of hours ago I found out that my aunt and uncle have been evacuated from their home in the south part of town due to flooding. The water was very close to their front door when they had to leave this afternoon so there's a good possibility the water is in the home by now. Please pray for all who are suffering from the flooding across the state.