Saturday, February 07, 2009

Henry Poole is Here—A hopeless man finds hope (and faith)

Henry Poole is Here

I watched Henry Poole is Here last night. What a great movie! The characters are wonderful, there is some good humor in the midst of the serious subject matter and it portrays a realistic journey of a hopeless man that finds faith, hope and love when it all seems impossible. Nothing is impossible for God!

You can also read this good article that I posted about the movie before it came out and see a music video.

In the special features section of the DVD I also watched "The Making of Henry Poole is Here." They talk to the writers, producers and members of the cast about making the movie. When they talked to George Lopez who plays Fr. Salazar, the Catholic priest who comes to see the face of Jesus on the wall, he talks about preparing for this role. George Lopez says, "I am not a peaceful dude, I am usually really crazy and most of the time I'm really kind of obnoxious." Lopez continues that he spent time with a Catholic priest names Fr. Garrett. "The more time I spent with [Fr. Garrett] the more I kinda got zeroed in on my own tranquility and peace. I found playing this guy (Fr. Salazar) very calming. We'll see how long it stays after the movie is over, but it's pretty calming right now," Lopez laughs.

Uh huh! THAT, my friends, is the light, peace and tranquility of Christ shining through the priest, the teachings and the truth that is His beautiful Catholic Church! I loved hearing those words coming across the screen. And I pray that George Lopez has kept digging further into that peace and has found his way home to full communion with the Church.

What are you waiting for? You, too, can have that peace and tranquility that you are instinctively searching for in the depths of your being. Visit a Catholic Church, talk to a priest or a Catholic friend (or blogger :) that you trust and start your own journey. You will never regret it!