Monday, February 16, 2009

Frosty bit o' morn

For those of us that had to actually get up and go to work this morning—unlike all of the students and parents of students, state workers, etc. that got to take President's Day OFF today (ahem, no, I'm not jealous! :})—we were given a gift from God for our perseverance. A beautiful frosty morning with gorgeous trees to make us smile on the way to work. Thank you, God!

I had to walk from my office down to the main hospital building to take some pictures for my supervisor (who is on vacation today, BTW) so I took advantage of the walk outside with the camera to shoot some of the beauty around me.

Now you lazy... uh, I mean, lucky people who got the day off can enjoy some of the morning glory that you missed as you were sleeping warm in your bed. (Don't get mad, I am just kidding ... and jealous!) Have a great day, whatever you are doing! :)