Tuesday, January 27, 2009

There are so many reasons for being wary of the contraceptive pill. Why are we not questioning its prevalence?

The title of this post is a quote from this good article from Australia about ALL of the side effects of the birth control pill. Not just to women but to men, animals, the environment...

This one little pill is causing so much destruction in so many ways. It must stop!

Here are the last couple of paragraphs that follow the quote from the title:

The reason is, of course, that it is the sacred cow of the sexual revolution. One imaginative letter writer claimed the Catholic view of the pill was that it was "the great Satan", and actually that is not a bad description. It was marketed as an instrument of sexual freedom, and it has provided that, particularly for men. But one might ask if for women it has been the means of sexual liberation or just a way of turning us into empty vessels for sex? Is it like the sexual revolution itself: a pretty and alluring package that turns out to be - for both sexes - like a series of empty boxes, one inside the other. At the end, there is nothing but an empty box.

The environmental effects of the pill on men may in fact gradually reveal the extent of the damage to our whole society, something that Francis Fukuyama points out in his essay, The Great Disruption: that we can't just introduce something such as this for 30 years and not expect unforeseen consequences, moral, social and, of course, physical. But tragically it will be young men and boys who suffer before women will also free themselves of this burden.

Thank you Angela Shanahan!!