Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Enough already!

We have been getting snow, after snow, after snow since the beginning of Dec. Every few days we get from a couple inches up to twelve inches from one storm.

This IS North Dakota but this has been record breaking snowfall for us. Here in Bismarck we have had 61 inches of snow so far and other cities have gotten quite a bit more than us. Around the area there has been several roofs caving in from having too much heavy snow on them, in fact.

I took some photos (now that I can:) around my little house to try and show how much snow is collecting.

This is my driveway just after shoveling the snow that fell all day today, another 5 1/2 inches. There's nothing like coming home to an hour of shoveling after working all day!

My side/backyard is waves of about waist-deep snowdrifts.

This is what 5 1/2 inches of fresh snow "fluff" looks like.

My front deck is getting really buried by the snow piles on both sides.

This is what you can see of my house from the street.

Here I am standing in front of one of the piles by the street. I was trying to show that this snow pile is actually about a head taller than me, but it didn't work. I think you still get the point. :)

So, who wants to come visit me?! ;) We can go sledding. A few of us went last Saturday and had a blast! It's a lot of fun and also good cardio exercise. When you get this much snow you might as well have some fun with it!