Friday, January 23, 2009

The dog days of life?

I have been seriously thinking about adopting a dog. I love dogs, they are loyal and loving companions. I grew up with 2 beautiful samoyeds and I miss having dogs in my life, especially now that I have a house with a large fenced back yard. I will have to wait until spring before I could bring home "woman's best friend," though, since my back yard is one large pile of snow right now.

My supervisor sent me this link about adopting dogs from shelters (which is what I would do) and there was a link within the article to a humorous excerpt from the book Before Your Dog Can Eat Your Homework, by actor John O'Hurley. I got some chuckles out of it so I thought I would pass along the link.

I will probably start visiting and/or volunteering at the local shelter and check out what kind of furry friends are available for adoption. Knowing me, I will want to bring them ALL home so this could be a good test in prudence and patience for me. :)