Monday, January 26, 2009

Are you doing this for Jesus?

One of my favorite newer blogs to read each day is The Rock and The Sword. It is written by three seminarians who take turns posting their reflections on life, the Church, vocations or whatever comes to mind that day.

Today's post is a great reflection about how we should live every moment of our lives. Here is a teaser to pull you in:

She said, "Are you doing this for Jesus?" He was somewhat confused at this unexpected question, and could only give her a quizzical look before she responded, "You should do this for Jesus. Each time you take a plate to dry it you should pray 'Dear Jesus I love you and I am doing this for you, and I ask you to save a soul because of it."

This post really spoke to my heart because the sister quoted seems to be living the "little way" of St. Therese of Lisieux (my patron saint).

St. Therese made her way to the eternal joy of sainthood by living each moment of her day offering it to God for the salvation of souls. St. Therese's deepest desire was to save souls (in life and in death) and she chose to do that by suffering for others. Therese had a lot of suffering to offer because she was sick for much of her very short life (she died at 24 years old) but she made the most of every moment.

To learn more about this great saint, I suggest reading her autobiography, Story of Soul. This was one of the first spiritual books I read during my conversion and I just know St. Therese is a big reason for my coming home to the Church. I can imagine she was praying up a storm for the salvation of my soul...and still is. :)

God's little flower, St. Therese, pray for us!