Saturday, December 13, 2008

Secret Millionaire

On the internet, I just watched the first episode of the new Fox series called Secret Millionaire.

I saw a preview for this show one night and it made me curious so I wrote myself a note to check it out when I had some time. Since we are having one of our infamous North Dakota blizzards right now (snow, wind, -2 actual temperature with -35 wind chill, brrrrr) what better time to wrap up in a blanket and watch TV...on my computer. : ) It's a reality show, but it actually seems like it could be pretty good. At least this first episode was good, and I will probably watch some more of them.

It's about millionaires that give up all of their comforts and possessions and go undercover as poverty stricken people for one week. They meet and get to know people that are actually living lives of poverty and struggle, experience what their world is like and at the end of the week give away at least $100,000 of their own money to those they feel are most in need.

The first episode follows a multi-millionaire father who owns a law firm and his 22 year old pampered son. They have quite an emotional experience during their week of poverty and help some great people.

My question now is did they allow this experience to change them for good? Did they change the way they are living their lives by continuing to do good for others in need once they got back home to their comfort and security? I hope so! I would like to see them do follow-ups with the millionaires and show if more good has come from these experiences.

Check out the show if you are interested. It takes about 45 mins. to watch an episode online.