Tuesday, November 11, 2008

A letter from Jesus

Why are you confused and shaken by life's problems?  Leave to Me the care of your affairs and all will go well.  When you abandon yourself to Me, everything will be resolved calmly according to My designs.  Do not despair, don't pray to me excitedly as though you would want to require that I fulfill your desires.  Close the eyes of your soul and tell me calmly: JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU.
Avoid anxiety and thoughts about what may happen later.  Don't spoil My plans, wanting to impose your ideas on Me.  Let Me be God and act freely.  Abandon yourself confidently on Me, rest on Me and leave your future in My hands.  Tell Me frequently: JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU.
What hurts you the most is your reasoning and your own ideas and your desire to do things your way.  When you tell me, Jesus, I trust in You, don't be like the patient that asks the doctor to cure him but then suggests to him how to do it.  Let Me carry you in My arms, don't be afraid—I LOVE YOU.
If you think things are worsening or are becoming complicated in spite of your prayer, continue to trust.  Close the eyes of your soul and trust.  Tell Me continuously, at all times: JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU.
I need to have free hands in order to act.  Do not tie Me to your useless worry.  Satan wants just that: to agitate and disturb you, deprive you of peace.  Trust in Me alone, rest in Me, abandon yourself to Me.  I perform miracles in proportion to the abandon and trust that you have in Me.  So, do not worry: let Me have all your anguish and sleep calmly.
Tell Me always: JESUS, I TRUST IN YOU and you will see great miracles.
I promise this to you on My love.