Saturday, November 01, 2008

It's time to face the reality!

Snippets from Do you truly know what you are supporting?
By Matthew Warner

When this whole “war on terror” began we were faced with a very harsh reality on 9/11/2001. Over 3000 Americans were murdered in a single day by terrorists. It was no longer possible to ignore these threats anymore. Our entire world and lives changed due to this event. And spurred on by our compassion and spirit, we confronted them. And now we have not had another attack on our soil since.

Everyday in this country over 3000 babies are killed, but yet we don’t react the same way? Why not? I would suggest that it is because we have not been forced to face this reality. We have enjoyed our freedom to ignore it for too long

Well I’m asking you (not forcing, of course) to face this reality now - if you can. Whether you are pro-choice or pro-life, we should all be able to face the reality of what we are voting for. We each have a moral culpability for the consequences of the votes we make - whether we choose to be informed or not.

And maybe our human brains aren’t supposed to see these harsh realities. We just weren’t made for it. I agree. But, unfortunately, that’s not because we aren’t supposed to face them. It’s because stuff like that isn’t supposed to happen to humans, period.

Eduardo Verastegui, a famous actor, has released a new video. It is entitled “Dura Realidad” - Hard Reality. He talks about the issue of abortion in it. But the most stirring part is a section in the middle that shows a glimpse of the reality of abortion. What is shown very graphically here is exactly what you are voting for, or against, in this election. It is real.

I know there are other issues. I know many of these issues have hard realities of their own. But nobody can watch this video (and then multiply it by 3000 times every single day) and then say that any other issue compares. If they can, then I don’t believe they are living in reality.

(One more warning: This video has extremely graphic images. Please do not watch if you can not handle it.)

I was hesitant to even link to this video because I will no doubt be accused of trying to only shock people or scare people with it. But if the truth shocks us, it probably means that we needed to be shocked. So here is the truth: Hard Reality

P.S. I also realize that watching a video does not make abortion as much of a reality as it is for those that actually face and perform abortions. But I think it gets us a lot closer. Please continue to pray for mothers who are considering or have faced abortions and for the doctors and all of those who support abortions.