Wednesday, November 05, 2008

It's not over

I got this email from my friend, Will Gardner, and wanted to share it because I thought it was great and expressed some of my thoughts today. Thanks, Will!

It's not over.

Well let me first say what is. This election is history. And yes, the hope for ending abortion in this country by all intents and purposes may have been set back another decade or two.

The future aborted children didn't lose this election because God willed it, they lost it because people have free will and God has rarely ever taken that most important right of all away. If God didn't give every man free will, we wouldn't ever have needed to vote in this election..

10 plagues hit the Egyptians who enslaved the Israelites before they got a clue, and it wasn't that God screwed up on the first nine. Again, it was because God gave them free choice. But everyone will answer to God for their own Obama vote. However, let's not dwell on others, let's improve ourselves.

As long as we have lungs to breathe our duty to save unborn children is not over.

We need to make the best use of the next few years. We need to first relax, take a deep breath and pray. We need to forgive those who do not understand what an Obama presidency really will mean. We need to look at our mistakes we have made, yet not be too harsh on ourselves so we don't lose our morale. We need to learn to communicate God's will better to others. Then, after all of this, we to need fix our mistakes and work much, much harder.

Dear relatives and friends, today it feels like ground zero in my heart. But trust me, as long as we are on the side of God and the truth, it's not over.