Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Obama Should Learn from Ratzinger

From Obama’s Kind of Feminism Horrifies Pope Benedict XVI
by Matthew Tsakanikas

In his God and the World interview Joseph Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI) comments: “Personally it still horrifies me when people want women to be soldiers just like men, when they, who have always been the keepers of the peace and in whom we have always seen a counter-impulse working against the male impulse to stand up and fight, now likewise run around with submachine guns, showing that they can be just as warlike as the men. Or that women now have the ‘right’ to work as garbage collectors or miners, to do all those things that, out of respect for their status, for their different nature, their own dignity, we ought not to inflict on them and that are now imposed on them in the name of equality. That, in my opinion, is a Manichaean ideology that is opposed to the body” (p.82).

In other words, bodily difference of male and female are not insignificant factors. The difference represents authentic diversity which should be respected as providing real complimentarity for fruitful relationships and enriched societies. Beyond any doubt there have been abuses where the gifts of women were overlooked or suppressed in society, but denial that “persons are their bodies,” Ratzinger comments, is “a kind of egalitarianism that does not exalt women but diminishes their status. By being treated as male, [women] are dragged down to being undistinguished and ordinary” (p.83).

Obama has said he knows how to treat a woman, as he jokes about ice cream dates with his future wife and comes across as a very likeable guy. Deep down he seemingly knows women are special and to be treasured. Why then the rush to send them in to slaughter and active combat? Why the militant-feminist national security spokeswoman? Why not advocate for men to respect women and to prefer that men should be willing to sacrifice in place of women? Why not ask men to be men instead of asking women to be men? Additionally, if he is going to advocate for women, why not advocate for a more just society within America and speak out against depersonalizing women… just using them for sex and putting them in that dangerous circumstance of pregnancy outside of wedlock, where children are fortunate if they are not painfully shredded in abortion by women who have been depersonalized, too?