Friday, October 17, 2008

Maybe the "CHANGE" is necessary?

Hearing about this book and Planned Parenthood's (huge) promotion of it literally makes me feel sick to my stomach! Is it any wonder our world is so messed up right now!?

The seminaries and some religious orders have been seeing a good increase of God loving men and women answering God's call to become a priest, brother or sister. When this increase started being noticed and known last year I questioned, "What is God preparing for?"

Well, the way I see it (by what has been coming to me in prayer), a change is a comin'. Oh yeah, a change is a comin' alright...and it's NOT going to be pretty.

Yet, I can see why the change is coming and why God would allow it to happen.

Some major changes HAVE TO occur, there is no question about that. And because of God's love for us and the gift of our free will that he has given us to decide for ourselves, He will allow the change to happen as the majority decides.

There will be suffering, loss and anguish with this change, as has happened so many times in the past (Hitler, Castro...). But, because of His merciful and undying love for us, through this suffering God will bring the redemption and change that is needed, as has happened in the past (Jesus)!

Only those that have faith, trust and belief in God and His ways are going to make their way through the many years of difficult change ahead with any kind of peace and understanding.

Let us be prepared my brothers and sisters in Christ and pray fervently for all of our "lost" brothers and sisters. Yes, a change is a comin', like a freight train that's out of control. And the "lost ones" are going to need all of our help and support (Love thy neighbor!) to find God and the narrow path of salvation through the turmoil of change that they will have brought on themselves.

I still have hope that the right thing (God's will) will happen in our upcoming election so the years of change ahead may not be quite as difficult. But, either way, tough times lie ahead in order to start correcting the path of death and destruction the world has been on and we will need all of our faith and trust in God to make our way through.

All of the sacraments offered by our newly ordained priests and the prayers and works of our religious brothers and sisters will have great purpose. God is always one step ahead and watching out for us with his Divine Providence. In the immortal words of Pope John Paul II, "Be not afraid!"

Um, wow! I wasn't expecting all of that to come from watching one little video about a depraved book. Hello, Holy Spirit! : )