Monday, October 06, 2008

Bismarck bridge is falling down, falling down...

Our old Memorial Bridge here in Bismarck is being taken down piece by piece. Today they took down a large piece with a large BOOM!

This has been a big news story around here because this bridge is over 80 years old and is a large part of the lives of the residents of the cities of Bismarck and Mandan, which this bridge conjoins. I have grown up with this bridge always having been there so it makes me a little sad to see it go. It has been known as the humming or singing bridge because the original deck that you drove across was all metal and your tires would make a humming or singing sound all the way across. That will always be a fond memory from my childhood. They filled the deck with cement many years ago and took away the fun sound effects, which also made me sad.

The Memorial Bridge was built to last for 50 years and has been in use for over 80 years. (UPDATE: I just found out that it was the ONLY car bridge across the Missouri River when it was built. Cool!)It served us well beyond it's years and now it is time to say a fond farewell. They have built a new bridge right beside (behind from this perspective) the old one that you can see the pillars of and even one section of in the last photo. The new pillars are much more modern and sleek, and the new Memorial Bridge is built to last for the next 100 years. I guess this will be the Memorial Bridge that will be around until the end of my time. I hope it serves us as well as the original.

Ooh, go check out the great video of the BOOM on Clint's Bismarck-Mandan Blog!