Friday, October 31, 2008

Bleeding Love

I heard this song a couple of times on the radio at the gym and found that I had the refrain stuck in my head for hours afterward. And the first thing I would think each time I heard the phrase "I keep bleeding love" is "this must be Jesus' theme song." So, after hearing it again today, and deciding that I really liked the song, I had to look up the rest of the lyrics and see what else it had to say.

Through my Catholic ears, I hear a love song between us and God, even though I'm sure that's not how it was intended to be written. : )

Future plans

I know well the plans I have in mind for you, says the Lord, plans for your welfare, not for woe! plans to give you a future full of hope. (Jer 29:11)


This passage hit me right between the eyes this morning as I was reading my Magnificat morning prayers before Mass. I don't know if I haven't read this particular passage before or if I just wasn't in a state of mind to really comprehend it if I had. But, wow, this morning I was sure ready to hear it!

Putting your trust completely in the Lord when things are not quite as "smoooooth" as you would prefer them to be is NOT easy. (And let's be honest, life is never going to be smooth!) But if you keep asking for God's grace to see that every day, every situation, and yes, even every sorrow/heartache/pain/suffering has a purpose and is given to us by God through his love, then you can start accepting these things with peace and patience. I struggle to maintain this mindset so much of the time which is why this passage really hit me this morning and I wanted to share it with everyone.

You can trust that God is looking out for you and your future (if you let him!), and you can look forward to that future with hope. Don't try to live in the future, though, that will never lead to peace. Live in the present moment (see below) with peace and look toward the future with hope!

In God's will is our peace.

Sacrament of the
Present Moment

If I did not simply live
from one moment to the next,
it would be impossible for me
to keep my patience.
I can see only the present,
I forget the past and I take good care
not to think about the future.
We get discouraged and feel despair
because we brood about the past and the future.
It is such folly to pass one’s time fretting,
instead of resting quietly on the heart of Jesus.

St. Therese of Lisieux

Thursday, October 30, 2008

"Popular vote"

Here is a very nicely done blog by Matthew Warner about the upcoming election. Please take a couple of minutes to read the article and be sure to listen to the video clip. Wow! I openly admit that's more in the realm of how I would have been a couple of years ago. Hopefully, not quite that bad...

God, please forgive me!

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Loopholes anyone?

You gotta go check out the funny that Greg and Jennifer from The Catholics Next Door posted.

The disclaimer is the best part.

Saturday, October 25, 2008

Then there is the mystery of the bride herself, particularly her body.

Wedding Gowns Exposing the Body
By Anthony Buono

At a Catholic wedding I attended last week, the bride had a backless, strapless, sleeveless gown on. More and more brides are doing this. Besides the indecency, the principles of modesty are not considered. A modest wedding gown may be getting harder to find, but I don’t think couples consider the bride’s gown as an “essential” part of the ceremony. Some feel that people get too distracted with non-essentials and should focus on the Sacrament. I couldn’t agree more! But the bride’s wedding gown is a critical component. Granted, saying it is “essential” would not be the right word, but it has high importance, primarily in what it represents.

Sacraments have to do with “outward signs” that indicate an inner mystery. “Sign” and “mystery” are the key words. The Sacrament of Marriage is a tremendous mystery. The mystery of two becoming one; the mystery of sacramental grace uniquely given to the two persons; the mystery of Christ entering the marriage union; the mystery of the bride and groom being a living sign of the mystery of Christ’s marriage to His Bride, the Church.

Then there is the mystery of the bride herself, particularly her body.

It’s a shame that so many marriages take place between two people who have already exposed much of their bodies to each other, but especially a woman exposing her body to the man. A wedding night is supposed to be an unveiling of the mystery of the woman that has been kept hidden from the man during their time together before marriage. The wedding ceremony is an exchange of rights to each other’s body. The wedding night (the time of consummation of the marriage) is meant to be an incredibly profound and unique moment for the two — it is when they unveil their bodies to each other to experience that which is reserved only for two people who have publicly given “rights” to each other’s body for those purposes unique to marriage and conjugal love.

We clothe our bodies because we have that sense deep down that we should, and that certain parts are especially sacred and meant for sacred purposes. The continued public display of more and more flesh is an indication that people have lost the sense of shame that Adam and Eve displayed in the Garden of Eden after the fall, which shows how connected sin and clothing the body are. Therefore, the sense of sin is in direct proportion to exposure of the body.

It seems that society has become “desensitized” to sin. But more than this, people have lost the sense of purpose for their bodies, thus, a loss of the sense of mystery. It has become a focus in many ways. I am amazed that many people (even good Catholics) believe that exposing the body does not (or should not) have an effect on the way people behave, and is not something to be overly concerned about. Thus, modesty is a “relative” thing, if anything at all.

This downplaying of the purpose of the body and the disconnection between the body and mystery has, with no surprise, contributed to sexual promiscuity, and that includes Catholics. Virginity and chastity are not held up as the ideals they should be and pre-marital sex becomes a norm and (sorry to say) even an expectation.

But in fact, THE BODY IS A GREAT MYSTERY! A man and a woman should expose as little as possible of their bodies to one another except when appropriate in marriage (certainly, at the very least, never exposing those areas meant for genital sexual expression). Why? Because the body IS sacred! Without the body, we cannot know anything about God. Without the body, we cannot get to heaven. Without the body, we cannot properly worship God. Without the body, we cannot co-create human life and propagate the human race. Without the body, we cannot LOVE!!!

The body has a purpose. Its purpose is so sacred; it is a mystery. Every person should preserve the mystery of love, which is fundamentally a preserving of the mystery of our bodies. Exposing our bodies before marriage is to prematurely “reveal” the mystery, thus ending the mystery that was meant for the wedding night.

There are also the “signs” in a wedding ceremony. The woman’s body, being the great mystery that it is, absolutely should be veiled. And to be covered in a white garment makes sense, too. The color “white” is a symbol of purity, primarily purity of intention to give her whole person to this man. A bride traditionally looks so adorned because she is a priceless mystery that is about to be given. The groom is about to accept this mystery with love and noble intentions, and he will accept her gift of her body, giving him the sole and unique “right” to her body for the purposes of love. The bride will have her veil pulled back and her face will be revealed. The groom will later have the awesome privilege of unveiling her entire body and then, as Scripture so beautifully puts it, will “know her”. In other words, he will accept the right to her body ONLY for the purposes of having that right; namely, the conjugal act that is meant to make her a mother (thus, the definition of the word “matrimony”).

The Body of Christ, the Church, is that tremendous mystery in which Christ brings about new life through the womb of His Bride, the baptismal font, in the sacrament of Baptism. The womb of the woman has as its primary purpose the receiving of the husband’s gift and the conception and development of new life. The mystery of a woman is a visible sign of the mystery of the Church, the Body of Christ. The children born are the incarnation of the great mystery of love between a man and woman. The birth of a person into eternal life through the baptismal font of the Church, Christ’s bride, is the great mystery of love between Christ and man. The Incarnation of the Son of God become man is the great mystery of God’s love for the human race; that His Son would take a human body and use that body to consummate His marriage to His Church by dying on the Cross.

The marriage of a man and a woman is a profound invitation to share in the redemption of the world and participation in the Cross. True love, therefore, is sacrificial and a total self-donation to the other.

When you consider the deep mystery of love and marriage, you naturally come to the conclusion that a bride (and women in the wedding party, for that matter) with an exposed body is inappropriate, perhaps even scandalous. But being fully dressed in clothing that lacks the sacramental symbolism is also inappropriate. A marriage ceremony must be given the dignity it deserves. It is right to invest in it and externally represent the sacramental reality. Of course, if finances or some other practical reality prevent making this possible, focus only on the essentials. But don’t underestimate the importance of the gown and the bride’s body being covered. At least wrap something nice around what is still exposed from the gown.

I pray that this will be your life, too!

On being tired
By Jennifer F.
Conversion Diary blog

It occurred to me recently that I spend a large percentage of my time being tired -- often really, really tired. These past few months have been worse than usual, this pregnancy bringing with it a crushing exhaustion that I haven't been able to shake. Even before this pregnancy, though, long stretches of feeling well rested have been few and far between ever since my first child was born. A certain amount of weariness just comes with the territory of building a family.

The other day I had one of those all-too-frequent moments of wondering how I would get through the rest of the day. I leaned against the wall before I headed upstairs to get my two littlest ones up from nap, pausing to take a deep breath and look at all those stairs that loomed in front of me. If I'd had any other options, it would have been easy to tell myself that I "couldn't" do it. It seemed impossible that I could muster up the energy to haul myself up those stairs and then lift a wiggly 24-pound baby and a wigglier 28-pound toddler out of their cribs, change diapers, listen to the inevitable post-nap whining and crying, help my other toddler with whatever he needs, and be on-call for two more hours until my husband got home.

As I leaned against the wall, I thought it was interesting that this is the life I want for my children.

I thought about how counterintuitive it is to say, "Hey, kids, I'm really freaking tired all the time because of the duties of my vocation, and I pray that in twenty or so years this will be your life, too!" I can see why so many of the Baby Boomers and their parents adopted the mentality that the best life you could give your kids is one of physical ease and personal freedom to do whatever you feel like doing -- after all, that's a whole lot more comfortable. Surely a "good" life would involve more relaxation than work, more pleasure than sacrifice, more amusement than perseverance.

Yet it only takes a glance through the Self-Help section of any bookstore to see that there is a silent undercurrent of angst raging through our society; that the "good life" isn't as good as it seemed it would be; that something is missing in the lives of many people, and it's something big.

When people start searching for the meaning of life, they often picture that once they find it it will involve sitting in the lotus position on a Tibetan mountaintop, or sipping Chianti in a Tuscan villa, or perhaps posing in a photo shoot for the cover of a major magazine. Those visions of discovering the meaning of life and reaching the pinnacle of the human experience almost never involve images of sitting in a foul-smelling nursing home room holding the hand of an abandoned Alzheimer's patient, or kneeling in prayer in a nondescript church, or running to the grocery store to buy an economy-sized jug of generic brand detergent to get through yet another mountain of laundry.

That's why it's so easy to miss the truth when you hear it. It was for me, anyway.

When I heard the Catholic notion that each of us has a vocation, and that it's not about what you'll do but whom you'll serve, it sounded outrageous. Insane, even. In this worldview, living for yourself is not a valid option -- regularly taking time for yourself, yes; but structuring your life around selfish pursuits, no. It went against everything I believed. It seemed to even go against common sense.

But, as I've also said many times before, when I tried it, the proof was in the pudding. The way years of underlying angst melted away, how all areas of my life suddenly had so much more order and clarity, that feeling of peace I'd always yearned for but had never experienced (and wasn't even sure it was possible to experience) -- there was no doubt in my mind that Christianity had a lock on the answer to the meaning of life. Through a life centered around agape, self-giving love, I found He who is Agape itself; I found what every human who's ever lived desires most, whether they know it or not: God.

So as I leaned there against the wall, my eyes drowsy as I mustered up my last few ounces of energy to get to the top of the stairs, I thought of how very much I want this life for my children. Not necessarily my exact circumstances -- some of them may be called to the priesthood, religious life, or another vocation other than married life -- but whatever it is it will revolve around living for God and others. It won't be the easiest or most comfortable life, it will come with many challenges, and they probably won't get as much sleep as they'd like. They will have their own moments of leaning against the wall, weary from the service of others. But they will have the peace of Christ, an invaluable peace found only in the practice of agape that I missed out on for 27 years while I was trapped in a self-focused prison.

What I will tell them is what I would tell myself if I could travel back in time and deliver a message to the younger me. I imagine walking up to a twenty-year-old girl who's a little too thin and wears a little too much black eyeliner, catching her in mid-daydream about discovering life's secrets through mountaintop meditations or strolls down sunset-soaked beaches, and leaning over to whisper in her ear, "Pssst. When you discover the meaning of life, it just might involve being a little tired."

Friday, October 24, 2008

Prayers please

Please say a prayer for my grandma, Lily. She is as sweet a lady as her name indicates and she is in the hospital struggling to get healthy enough to go home, which is all she really wants right now. Any thoughts and prayers would be greatly, greatly appreciated. Thank you!

Meditation of the day

From The Word Among Us
Oct. 24, 2008

Live in a manner worthy of the call you have received.
(Ephesians 4:1)

These are moving words, but what is the manner “worthy” of the call that we’re supposed to embrace? Paul wastes no time in explaining: humility, gentleness, patience, and forbearance in love. In short, a Christian life worthy of the name is a life of “unity of the spirit through the bond of peace” (Ephesians 4:3). To be a Christian is to be an agent of unity in all aspects of our lives: between our churches, within our communities, in our families, and even in our own divided hearts.

This may seem like an unattainable goal. There is so much division in the world; how can we hope to make any inroads? But as Paul explains in these few verses, unity starts in our individual relationships. It’s about being kind and merciful toward the people we interact with every day; it’s about being patient and humble, and making peace where we can. As Christians, we will effect a change on a broad scale as we make a change in our own little worlds. 

Obviously our choices and attitudes play an important role in working for unity, but is it up to us on our own? Not at all! When we choose to pursue humility or patience; when we take a deep breath, say a quick prayer, and bear with a difficult person, the Holy Spirit rushes into the situation and melts divisions. When all is said and done, it is his job to soften hearts and bring people together in respect, honor, and love.

Today, look out for opportunities to “preserve the unity of the spirit.” Ask the Holy Spirit to help you recognize them and to put aside any selfishness or divisiveness. Do your best to place other people first, and trust that God will take care of the rest. When we humbly align ourselves with Jesus’ desire for unity, we are doing more than trying to be good people. We are truly living a life worthy of the name “Christian.”

Thursday, October 23, 2008

For I see no reason to be ashamed of the Gospel

Meditation of the Day
from Saturday, Oct. 18

The Missionary Love of the Seventy Two

A missionary love moved Saint Paul to be preoccupied with winning others for Christ. He was willing to adapt his behavior as required to remove unnecessary barriers. Absorbed by the ardor of his love, he did whatever was necessary to win people for the truth. He was convinced that the truth about God's love for us in Christ is the greatest of all goods, that it alone brings happiness and fulfillment.

Paul's love was fueled by his experience of the Gospel's power to save. "For I see no reason to be ashamed of the Gospel; it is God's power for the salvation of everyone who has faith" (Rom 1: 16). Thus, he fulfilled the command to "love your neighbor as yourself" (Mk 12: 31). So must we all. If I love myself by following the Spirit's witness in my heart and accept the Gospel in faith—all that God has revealed as taught by the Church—if I have experienced the full life brought by the transcending, liberating, integrating power of the truth, then love compels me to desire the truth for others. This kind of love is what prompted the Church to name Saint Thérèse of Lisieux the patroness of missionaries, though she herself never went on a formal mission.

This places the challenge to continue Christ's prophetic mission where it belongs. As Christians deepen their experience of the truth it will happen automatically. Our witness to Christ will flow from the deepest part of our being; our words will have the force of personal conviction in the power of the Spirit of truth...

It is difficult to reveal the truth if we think it irksome to others. Yet, we know that with grace the struggle with truth in the conscience can lead to conversion. Our own experience testifies that the truth is best, that it is our greatest good and the greatest good of our neighbor, "that truth makes man what he is. His relationship with truth is the deciding factor in his human nature and it constitutes his dignity as a person... Truth has a divine dimension; it belongs by nature to God himself... Every man is born into the world to bear witness to the truth according to his own particular vocation... Jesus said very clearly that the truth must not be denied to men or concealed from them (see Mt 5: 14 16) but must be openly professed (Mt 10: 32). Truth has a social, a public dimension. Therefore man's right to the truth must never be denied" (Pope John Paul II).


Douglas Bushman is director of the Institute for Pastoral Theology at Ave Maria University. He received his S.T.L. degree from the University of Fribourg, Switzerland.

Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

You first!

This blog post from Jennifer at Conversion Diary is great! Yet again, I can relate to so much of what she is saying.

I desire for EVERYONE to know what letting God into your life and having faith feel like. It can't be explained or compared to anything else with any real effectiveness, you just have to experience it. Open yourself to letting God in... you'll never regret it, I promise!

Obama Should Learn from Ratzinger

From Obama’s Kind of Feminism Horrifies Pope Benedict XVI
by Matthew Tsakanikas

In his God and the World interview Joseph Ratzinger (now Pope Benedict XVI) comments: “Personally it still horrifies me when people want women to be soldiers just like men, when they, who have always been the keepers of the peace and in whom we have always seen a counter-impulse working against the male impulse to stand up and fight, now likewise run around with submachine guns, showing that they can be just as warlike as the men. Or that women now have the ‘right’ to work as garbage collectors or miners, to do all those things that, out of respect for their status, for their different nature, their own dignity, we ought not to inflict on them and that are now imposed on them in the name of equality. That, in my opinion, is a Manichaean ideology that is opposed to the body” (p.82).

In other words, bodily difference of male and female are not insignificant factors. The difference represents authentic diversity which should be respected as providing real complimentarity for fruitful relationships and enriched societies. Beyond any doubt there have been abuses where the gifts of women were overlooked or suppressed in society, but denial that “persons are their bodies,” Ratzinger comments, is “a kind of egalitarianism that does not exalt women but diminishes their status. By being treated as male, [women] are dragged down to being undistinguished and ordinary” (p.83).

Obama has said he knows how to treat a woman, as he jokes about ice cream dates with his future wife and comes across as a very likeable guy. Deep down he seemingly knows women are special and to be treasured. Why then the rush to send them in to slaughter and active combat? Why the militant-feminist national security spokeswoman? Why not advocate for men to respect women and to prefer that men should be willing to sacrifice in place of women? Why not ask men to be men instead of asking women to be men? Additionally, if he is going to advocate for women, why not advocate for a more just society within America and speak out against depersonalizing women… just using them for sex and putting them in that dangerous circumstance of pregnancy outside of wedlock, where children are fortunate if they are not painfully shredded in abortion by women who have been depersonalized, too?

Saturday, October 18, 2008

A new blog I would love!

This would be awesome!

Man builds Ark to exact scale given in Bible

This is cool! I want to see it in person. I always wondered just how big the Ark would have been. Now I have a much better idea. Wow!

A working replica of Noah's Ark opened In Schagen, Netherlands. The massive central door in the side of Noah's Ark was opened to the first crowd of curious townsfolk to behold the wonder. Of course, it's only a replica of the biblical Ark, built by Dutch Creationist Johan Huibers as a testament to his faith in the literal truth of the Bible.

The ark is 150 cubits long, 30 cubits high and 20 cubits wide.That's two-thirds the length of a football field and as high as a three-story house. Life-size models of giraffes, elephants, lions, crocodiles, zebras, bison and other animals greet visitors as they arrive in the main hold. A contractor by trade, Huibers built the ark of cedar and pine. Biblical Scholars debate exactly what the wood used by Noah would have been.

Huibers did the work mostly with his own hands, using modern tools and with occasional help from his son Roy. Construction began in May 2005. On the uncovered top deck - not quite ready in time for the opening - will come a petting zoo, with baby lambs and chickens, and goats, and one camel.

Visitors on the first day were stunned. 'It's past comprehension', said Mary Louise Starosciak, who happened to be bicycling by with her husband while on vacation when they saw the ark looming over the local landscape.

'I knew the story of Noah, but I had no idea the boat would have been so big.' There is enough space near the keel for a 50-seat film theater where kids can watch a video that tells the story of Noah and his ark. Huibers, a Christian man, said he hopes the project will renew interest in Christianity in the Netherlands, where church going has fallen dramatically in the past 50 years.

Friday, October 17, 2008

Maybe the "CHANGE" is necessary?

Hearing about this book and Planned Parenthood's (huge) promotion of it literally makes me feel sick to my stomach! Is it any wonder our world is so messed up right now!?

The seminaries and some religious orders have been seeing a good increase of God loving men and women answering God's call to become a priest, brother or sister. When this increase started being noticed and known last year I questioned, "What is God preparing for?"

Well, the way I see it (by what has been coming to me in prayer), a change is a comin'. Oh yeah, a change is a comin' alright...and it's NOT going to be pretty.

Yet, I can see why the change is coming and why God would allow it to happen.

Some major changes HAVE TO occur, there is no question about that. And because of God's love for us and the gift of our free will that he has given us to decide for ourselves, He will allow the change to happen as the majority decides.

There will be suffering, loss and anguish with this change, as has happened so many times in the past (Hitler, Castro...). But, because of His merciful and undying love for us, through this suffering God will bring the redemption and change that is needed, as has happened in the past (Jesus)!

Only those that have faith, trust and belief in God and His ways are going to make their way through the many years of difficult change ahead with any kind of peace and understanding.

Let us be prepared my brothers and sisters in Christ and pray fervently for all of our "lost" brothers and sisters. Yes, a change is a comin', like a freight train that's out of control. And the "lost ones" are going to need all of our help and support (Love thy neighbor!) to find God and the narrow path of salvation through the turmoil of change that they will have brought on themselves.

I still have hope that the right thing (God's will) will happen in our upcoming election so the years of change ahead may not be quite as difficult. But, either way, tough times lie ahead in order to start correcting the path of death and destruction the world has been on and we will need all of our faith and trust in God to make our way through.

All of the sacraments offered by our newly ordained priests and the prayers and works of our religious brothers and sisters will have great purpose. God is always one step ahead and watching out for us with his Divine Providence. In the immortal words of Pope John Paul II, "Be not afraid!"

Um, wow! I wasn't expecting all of that to come from watching one little video about a depraved book. Hello, Holy Spirit! : )

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Mary's Lamb

Another email forward that I felt worthy of sharing!

Think carefully about
what you will be reading.
This is a new one for me...

Mary had a little Lamb,
His fleece was white as snow.
And everywhere that Mary went,
The Lamb was sure to go.

He followed her to school each day,
T'wasn't even in the rule.
It made the children laugh and play,
To have a Lamb at school.

And then the rules all changed one day,
Illegal it became;
To bring the Lamb of God to school,
Or even speak His Name!

Every day got worse and worse,
And days turned into years.
Instead of hearing children laugh,
We heard gun shots and tears.

What must we do to stop the crime,
That's in our schools today?
Let's let the Lamb come back to school,
And teach our kids to pray!

Monday, October 13, 2008

A Video Portrait Of Barack Hussein Obama

Oy vey, I learned a few new things watching this video...and it scares me.


Warning signs everywhere! Will we listen??

This is an email forward that I received and wanted to share. I guess I feel compelled today to urge people to really LEARN about the candidates before voting.

Bodie and Brock Thoene wrote a series of books about World War II, and this woman is one of the characters. Lori Kalner is a real person (though her name is not really Lori Kalner). She has been sharing the insights gained from a long life and early experience inside Germany while submitting to the Nazi philosophies. Many of her letters warn Americans of the similarities she has noticed.

In Germany, when Hitler came to power, it was a time of terrible financial depression. Money was worth nothing. In Germany people lost homes and jobs, just like in the American Depression in the 1930s, which we have read about in Thoene's Shiloh books.
In those days, in my homeland, Adolph Hitler was elected to power by promising "Change."

He blamed the "Zionists" around the world for all our problems. He told everyone it was greedy Zionist Bankers who had caused every problem we had. He promised when he was leader, the greedy Zionist bankers would be punished. The Zionists, he promised, would be wiped off the face of the earth.

So Hitler was elected to power by only 1/3 the popular vote. A coalition of other political parties in parliament made him supreme leader. Then, when he was leader, he disgraced and expelled everyone in parliament who did not go along with him.

Yes. Change came to my homeland as the new leader promised it would.

The teachers in German schools began to teach the children to sing songs in praise of Hitler. This was the beginning of the Hitler Youth movement. It began with praise of the Fuhrer's programs on the lips of innocent children. Hymns in praise of Hitler and his programs were being sung in the schoolrooms and in the playyard. Little girls and boys joined hands and sang these songs as they walked home from school.

My brother came home and told Papa what was happening at school. The political hymns of children proclaimed Change was coming to our homeland and the Fuhrer was a leader we could trust.

I will never forget my father's face. Grief and fear. He knew that the best propaganda of the Nazis was song on the lips of little children.

That evening before he said grace at the dinner table, he placed his hands upon the heads of my brothers and me and prayed the Living Word upon us from Jeremiah 1:4-5…

'Now the Word of the Lord came to me, saying,
"Before I formed you in the Womb I knew you,
And before you were born I Consecrated you;
I appointed you a prophet to The nations."

Soon the children's songs praising the Fuhrer were heard everywhere on the streets and over the radio. "With our Fuhrer to lead us, we can do it! We can change the world!"

Soon after that Papa, a pastor, was turned away from visiting elderly parishioners in hospitals. The people he had come to bring comfort of God's Word, were "no longer there."

Where had they vanished to while under nationalized health care? It became an open secret. The elderly and sick began to disappear from hospitals feet first as "mercy killing" became the policy. Children with disabilities and those who had Down syndrome were euthanized.

People whispered, "Maybe it is better for them now. Put them out of misery. They are no longer suffering…And, of course, their death is better for the treasury of our nation. Our taxes no longer must be spent to care for such a burden."

And so murder was called mercy.

The government took over private business. Industry and health care were "nationalized." (NA-ZI means National Socialist Party) The businesses of all Jews were seized. (Perhaps you remember our story in Berlin on Krystalnacht in the book Munich Signature)

The world and God's word were turned upside down. Hitler promised the people economic Change?

Not change. It was, rather, Lucifer's very ancient Delusion leading to Destruction.

What began with the propaganda of children singing a catchy tune ended in the deaths of millions of children. The reality of what came upon us is so horrible that you in this present generation cannot imagine it.

Our suffering is too great to ever tell in a book or show in a black and white newsreel.

When I spoke to Bodie about some of these things, she wept and said she could not bear to write them. Perhaps one day she will, but I asked her, "who could bear to read our suffering?"

Yet with my last breaths I warn every Christian and Jew now in the name of the Lord,
unless your course of the church in America is spiritually changed now, returning to the Lord, there are new horrors yet to come.

I trembled last night when I heard the voices of American children raised in song, praising the name of Obama, the charismatic fellow who claims he is the American Messiah.

Yet I have heard what this man Obama says about abortion and the "mercy killing" of tiny babies who are not wanted.

There are so few of us left to warn you. I have heard that there are 69 million Catholics in America and 70 million Evangelical Christians.

Where are your voices? Where is your outrage? Where is passion and your vote?

Do you vote based on an abortionist's empty promises and economics? Or do you vote according to the Bible?

Thus says the Lord about every living child still in the womb…

"Before I formed you in the womb I knew you,
and before you were born I consecrated you…"

I have experienced the signs of the politics of Death in my youth.

I see them again now.

Christians! Unless you stand up now, you will lose your freedom of religion.

In America priests and preachers have already lost their freedom to speak openly from their pulpits of moral danger in political candidates. They cannot legally instruct you of which candidate holds fast to the precepts of scripture! American law forbids this freedom of speech to conservative pastors or they will lose their "tax exempt" status.

And yet I have heard the words of Obama's pastor Damning America! I have heard the words of Obama damning and mocking all of you in small towns because you "Cling to your religion…"

But I am a woman whose name is unknown. My life is recorded as a work of fiction. I have no fear of reprisal when I speak truth to you from the pages of a book. (Though the Zion Covenant books are mocked and condemned by the Left in America.)

I am an old woman and will soon go to be with my Lord. I have no fear for myself, but for all of you and for your children, I tremble.

I tremble at the hymns to a political leaders which your children will sing at school. (Though even now a hymn or a prayer to God and our Lord Jesus is against the law in public school!)

Your vote must put a stop to what will come upon America if Barrack Obama is elected.

I pray you will personally heed this warning for the sake of your children and your grandchildren. Do not be deceived.

The Lord in Jeremiah 1:7-8 commands every believer to speak up!

"Do not say, 'I am only a youth,' for to all whom I send you, you shall go, and whatever I command you, you shall speak. Do not be afraid of them for I am with you, declares the Lord!"

I am in Prayer for you, and for the Church! Spoken to you in the authority of Jesus the Christ, the Name Above All Names,

Lori Kalner

Scary future of CHANGE ahead? Please God save us from ourselves (AGAIN)!

Saturday, October 11, 2008
Mark Steyn on Obama: Filling in the blank

Speaking personally, I'm not looking for a messiah in the White House. My favorite presidential heritage site is the Coolidge homestead in Plymouth Notch, Vt.: I have seen the mausoleums of mighty kings, but none compares with the row of headstones on a snowbound hillside cemetery, seven generations of Coolidges lined up in a row, all buried under simple, bald granite markers with only an all but imperceptible small American eagle to distinguish the 30th president from his forebears and descendants. The American ideal: the citizen-president.

Or so I always assumed. But let's be bipartisan here. If I were a Democrat, I'd salute Harry S. Truman, the Missouri haberdasher who … whoa, "haberdasher"! There's a word you don't hear too much nowadays, and, if you did, it'd probably be because the treasury secretary and the chairman of the House Financial Services Committee are on cable TV, standing on the steps of the Capitol announcing a 700 gazillion-dollar bipartisan haberdashery bailout package because the global haberdashery sector is too big to fail, and if we don't act now there'll be a massive planetary ripple effect that could take down ladies' lingerie, if you'll pardon the expression.

Where was I? Oh, yeah. Citizen-presidents: Who needs 'em? The day after the most-recent debate I bumped into two Obama supporters in St Johnsbury, Vt. They said isn't it great that he's on course to win. Well, they were cute chicks, and I know an obvious pick-up line when I hear one, so I stopped to chat. God Almighty, it was like reverse Viagra: After 10 minutes of Babes For Barack, I never want to meet a female woman of the opposite sex for the rest of my life. Their basic pitch was:

"How do you solve a problem? Like, Obama!

How do you hold a moonbeam in your hand?"

That's John McCain's problem. Traditionally, when an unknown politician emerges on the national scene, it's a race to define him. Gov. Palin is a good example: within days, the coastal sophisticates were mocking her as a chillbilly ditz with a womb that spits out inbred kids faster than the First National Bank of Welfare Swamp issues subprime mortgages. That's politics as usual: Define your opponent.

But Obama is defined by his indefinability. When I pointed out to my Vermont gals that he lives in a swank pad that was part of some shady real estate deal with a convicted fraudster (Tony Rezko), that he entrusted his daughters' entire religious education to a neo-segregationist anti-American nut who preaches that the government created the AIDS virus to kill black people (Jeremiah Wright), that he attended fundraisers with a political patron who's an unrepentant terrorist proud of plotting to blow up young ladies just like them at a dance at the Fort Dix military base (William Ayers), when I pointed all this out, they looked at me as if I'd brought a baseball bat to a croquet match. Mere earthbound politicians are defined by their real estate deals and sleazy buddies, but Obama is defined only by his vibe. As his many admirers in France would say, he has a certain je ne sais quoi. And, if you try to pin down quoprecisely, then they don't want to sais.

Besides, said one of the cuties, it's racist to try to link him to unsavory white men (Ayers). And black men (Wright). And Arabs (Rezko). And, just to be on the safe side, any dodgy Uzbeks or Papuans who might have been lurking around the greater Chicago area for the past quarter-century.

The ladies weren't exactly covering their eyes and going, "Neee-neeee-na-na, can't hear you," but the other cutie did begin waving at me her Obama sticker – the one with the giant blue-frosted O embedded in a manicured candy-striped upland – like the villain in the movie trying to hypnotize you with his pocketwatch. I began frantically looking around in hopes that a passing Hare Krishna or Scientologist type could get me out of there. But, no: Gaze into the giant zero of the Obama logo, the hole in the star-spangled doughnut, the vast fathomless nullity that is the gaping keyhole to the door of utopia. To a sad shriveled Republican cynic, there's nothing there but the wide open spaces of Obama's blank resume. But believers will see therein the healing of the planet and the receding of the oceans. The black hole of Obama will suck you in through the awesome power of its totally cool suckiness.

Most Americans, of course, are not cute coeds or Hollywood celebrities or guilt-ridden white liberals. But they react to Obamania like Spencer Tracy and Katharine Hepburn faced with Sidney Poitier in "Guess Who's Coming To The Inaugural?" We don't know much about this chap but he seems very well-spoken and nicely turned out – "articulate and bright and clean," as Joe Biden said. Obama himself has eased up on the "I am the one you've been waiting for" shtick because he's running out the clock. He was monumentally boring in last week's debate because, at this stage, boring wins. The man who used to say he doesn't look like all the other presidents now looks like all the other presidents: the calm, plausible, reassuring man in the sober suit. This is no time to frighten the horses.

But the thing is: the horses are frightened. The Dow's nose-diving, stocks are looking at their worst year since 1937. At the debate we were offered the curious spectacle of two candidates both of whom essentially take the same line on this stuff – Wall Street greed, special interests, lobbyists, the usual populist boilerplate. And yet for a pair of guys who both believe in big government solutions, everything they said seemed small and tinny. Epic events swirled all around, but the two men fighting to lead the global superpower could only joust with cardboard swords: Why, Obama was such a bold leader on this issue that only two years ago he "sent a letter" to somebody or other. Why, long before Obama sent his letter, McCain "issued a statement." Rarely has the gulf between interesting times and the paperwork of "big government" yawned so widely.

The Republican candidate's tragedy in this election is that he's chosen to fight on Obama turf, to share so many of his assumptions. At a McCain rally in Wisconsin, a fellow in the crowd announced he was mad as hell and got a standing ovation. What was he mad about"? Obama, Pelosi and "the socialists taking over our country." McCain listened politely and then pledged to get back to Washington to reach across the aisle to work on some gargantuan bipartisan cure-all. Not the answer that chap wanted to hear, I'll wager.

If the more frightening polls are correct, America is about to elect the most left-wing government in history: an Obama Oval Office, a Pelosi House of Representatives, a filibuster-proof Senate … and a year or two down the road maybe three new Supreme Court justices. It would be a transformational administration that would start building (in Michelle Obama's words) "the world as it should be." That big empty hole in the heart of the Obama logo will not stay blank for long.

Friday, October 10, 2008

Good ol' JibJab does it again

To read the words being sung if you can't catch them all visit the JibJab site and watch the video there. Pretty funny stuff!

Tuesday, October 07, 2008

The Heaviest Element Known to Science

I had to share this because we all need to realize that we CANNOT rely on the government to fix OUR problems. We need to fix our own problems by being responsible and good stewards of the time, talent and treasures that God has given each and every one of us. Every thing and every moment we have are GIFTS from God that we are to utilize in the best way that gives back to God and his people. If everyone lived within their own means, stopped living under truckloads of debt and shared with those in need we wouldn't have the problems that are so prevalent today.

Thanks to Dave Ramsey who shared this with his listeners while having a good laugh. I love Dave's common sense approach to getting out of debt and "living like no one else, so one day you can live like no one else!"

Lawrence Livermore Laboratories has discovered the heaviest element yet known to science.

The new element, Governmentium (Gv), has one neutron, 25 assistant neutrons, 88 deputy neutrons, and 198 assistant deputy neutrons, giving it an atomic mass of 312.

These 312 particles are held together by forces called morons, which are surrounded by vast quantities of lepton-like particles called peons.

Since Governmentium has no electrons, it is inert; however, it can be detected, because it impedes every reaction with which it comes into contact. A tiny amount of Governmentium can cause a reaction that would normally take less than a second, to take from 4 days to 4 years to complete.

Governmentium has a normal half-life of 2- 6 years. It does not decay, but instead undergoes a reorganization in which a portion of the assistant neutrons and deputy neutrons exchange places.

In fact, Governmentium's mass will actually increase over time, since each reorganization will cause more morons to become neutrons, forming isodopes.

This characteristic of morons promotion leads some scientists to believe that Governmentium is formed whenever morons reach a critical concentration. This hypothetical quantity is referred to as critical morass.

When catalysed with money, Governmentium becomes Administratium, an element that radiates just as much energy as Governmentium since it has half as many peons but twice as many morons.

You won't "find" time to pray, you must MAKE time to pray!

I thought of the statement in the title of this post, which I took to heart when I heard it, as I read the following statement:

"Fundamentally, I think, it starts by making a commitment to pray, to “waste time with God,” as I put it. This isn’t to imply that prayer is a waste of time; not at all! It’s meant to convey that we need to be in the daily habit of wasting time in a positive way with Him, of listening to His voice in silence and in Scripture, of praising Him, thanking Him, saying we’re sorry, asking for help, asking for vision, and so much more."

From Pray, Fast, Think: An Interview with Father John Riccardo

Monday, October 06, 2008

Respect Life Sunday

The American Catholic bishops initiated Respect Life Sunday in 1972 (the year I was born!), the year before the Supreme Court legalized abortion in the United States. Since that time, Catholics across the country observe the month of October with devotions and pro-life activities in order to advance the culture of life...

...National Right to Life reports that 48.5 million abortions have been performed since 1973. One would be too many. No war, no natural disaster, no illness or disability has claimed so great a price. (emphasis mine)

The above excerpts are from this great letter that Bishop Martino (Diocese of Scranton) had read at all Masses this past weekend for Respect Life Sunday. It's a great read, please go check it out.

I personally heard a great Respect Life homily on Sunday right here at home. Kudos to Fr. Ken Phillips at the Church of Christ the King for presenting in a powerful way the facts of our current "culture of death" that need to change. The church seemed unusually quiet and the faces I could see seemed to be really hearing and absorbing the facts being presented to them. I could feel the Holy Spirit at work and experienced a very emotional Mass.

Thank you for being a good, strong shepherd for your flock, Fr. Ken!

Bismarck bridge is falling down, falling down...

Our old Memorial Bridge here in Bismarck is being taken down piece by piece. Today they took down a large piece with a large BOOM!

This has been a big news story around here because this bridge is over 80 years old and is a large part of the lives of the residents of the cities of Bismarck and Mandan, which this bridge conjoins. I have grown up with this bridge always having been there so it makes me a little sad to see it go. It has been known as the humming or singing bridge because the original deck that you drove across was all metal and your tires would make a humming or singing sound all the way across. That will always be a fond memory from my childhood. They filled the deck with cement many years ago and took away the fun sound effects, which also made me sad.

The Memorial Bridge was built to last for 50 years and has been in use for over 80 years. (UPDATE: I just found out that it was the ONLY car bridge across the Missouri River when it was built. Cool!)It served us well beyond it's years and now it is time to say a fond farewell. They have built a new bridge right beside (behind from this perspective) the old one that you can see the pillars of and even one section of in the last photo. The new pillars are much more modern and sleek, and the new Memorial Bridge is built to last for the next 100 years. I guess this will be the Memorial Bridge that will be around until the end of my time. I hope it serves us as well as the original.

Ooh, go check out the great video of the BOOM on Clint's Bismarck-Mandan Blog!

Friday, October 03, 2008

Meditation of the day

The Word Among Us

“Have you ever in your lifetime commanded the morning and shown the dawn its place? … Have you seen the gates of darkness? … Which is the way to the dwelling place of light?” (Job 38:12,17,19).

Job is speechless before these questions. He no longer seeks an answer to the question that formerly agitated him: “Why are these bad things happening to me, a good person?” In the face of God’s command of light and darkness, Job has no more to say. He sees everything in a new light, and he repents of his audacity in complaining about “great things that I do not understand” (Job 42:3).

The dawning of light often has this effect. Everything looks different than it did in the dark. Think of a time when you half-woke in the middle of the night, terrified by an unfamiliar shape, only to discover the next morning that it was a harmless household object in an unusual spot.

Although light makes it much easier for us to function, it brings its own challenges. It can be blinding to emerge suddenly from darkness. Sometimes better light reveals areas that need further work: windows that need cleaning, cobwebs that need clearing away, weeds threatening to overtake a flower bed. And that can be discouraging—and intimidating. Consider how tempting it can be to stay in familiar semidarkness instead of coming into the light and having to deal with all that it reveals. But God, who commands the light and the darkness, invites us to turn our gaze away from the darkness of our faults and focus instead on the light of his presence. Because with him, even the darkness doesn’t seem so bad (Psalm 139:12).

Today, bask in the warmth of God’s love for you, and ask him to shed his light on just one area of your life that he wants to touch. Perhaps he wants to open your eyes to see more of his glory. Perhaps he will point out a sin you need to confess or a relationship in which you need to seek forgiveness. Maybe he wants to show you how much you have to offer people. Whatever it is, be sure to look at it in the light of God’s love for you and his transforming power at work in you.