Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Unfulfilled desire for true love

From Coherent Chastity Education

Sexual activity is fueled by an unfulfilled desire for true love. In the words of Josh Harris, “Lust would like us to believe that it can make us happy. If we just give it what it wants, it will stop pestering us and be satisfied. Lust is never satisfied, you can’t bargain with it and come out a winner. Lust hijacks sex. It wants to train your desires to delight in the thrill of the forbidden so that you lose your Godly appetite for what is good.” Close physical involvement is not equivalent to true affection.

With this is mind, how we communicate that the body in all its dimensions is a wonderful part of creation and is important for building the culture of life. In this respect chastity education is part of developing an authentic maturity that allows us to appreciate and honor the nuptial meaning of the human body. Breaking open John Paul’s theology of the body for teenagers is a very important task today. Described by George Weigel as a “theological bombshell waiting to go off,” the theology of the body helps us to see the gift and mystery of human sexuality, and to invite the author of love and life into our lives.

Through a coherent chastity education, a civilization of life and love can be built helping to reduce the number of abortions, divorce, STDs and heartache by promoting the virtues of purity, modesty and self respect. If we can pierce the lies and mistakes of the sexual revolution that has brought false freedom and misery, we can help to venerate the beauty and dignity of marriage and celebrate an authentic feminism. Chastity helps to answer the questions: Who am I? Who is God in my life? How do I find love? Chastity is a gift from God, and like lifting weights and with the help of the Holy Spirit, it gets easier to live every day. (Bonnacci)