Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Priesthood and Marriage

Excerpt from: SPECIAL EDITION: Women’s Ordination, a TOB examination
by Kevin Whelan

Every priest is espoused to the church. Additionally, the essence of the priesthood is sacrificial love; this is especially true in the Roman Rite where it includes celibacy. The male priesthood provides for me an incredible source of contemplation from which I begin to learn how to close the gap between how I am loving and how I should be loving. The male priest stands before me at mass in persona Christi Capitas (in the Person of Christ the Head). If I contemplate what this means and how I might love as He loved, there is a chance, I might increase my understanding and even a chance that I might live this out.

Christ’s ‘headship’ is not like corporate or military headship; He is the servant. He washed the Apostle’s feet. He suffered and died for us. My contemplation, motivated by the physical presence of the male priest, is how I too am called to that form of ‘headship’ in relationship to my wife and family.

Can you imagine the result if the world saw in the sign of my marriage the perfect love of God? What would result if they saw me perfectly pour out my love for my wife as Christ poured out His love for the Church? Even people who are unaware that they seek Christ, could not help but read this sign and find their way to Him.