Monday, August 11, 2008

Meditation of the day

From The Word Among Us
Aug. 11, 2008

God does indeed have a perfect plan for your life, a plan that he formed before you were born (Psalm 139). Discovering that plan isn’t about figuring things out on your own—it’s about finding him! If you persist in asking Jesus to show himself to you, you will find him. And finding him, you will find your calling. As you draw closer to Jesus in prayer, you will want to do his will—and you will be more able to discern it. So take the first step by surrendering your life to him today, and know that he will guide you!

“Speak, Lord, your servant is listening! Draw me close to you, and reveal your will to me. Remove any confusion from my heart, and show me the path you have chosen for me. Jesus, I will follow wherever you lead.”