Friday, August 08, 2008

Meditation of the day

From The Word Among Us
Aug. 8, 2008

God promises to take pity on us, act on our behalf, and defeat our worst enemies...we first need to identify our true enemies, the real evil in each situation.

Is my real enemy the person who slighted me when I expected praise or a promotion? Or is it my festering resentment as I hold on to this insult? Is my real enemy the challenging circumstances in my life, such as illness, unemployment, or loneliness? Or is it the self-pity that makes it impossible for me to entrust these situations to God and experience the comfort of his unfailing presence with me? In every circumstance, the Father offers us a way to draw closer to him—and our enemy, the devil, entices us to give up and slip away from God.

When you feel weak or “ravaged” like Judah, what do you do? Does difficulty weigh you down, or does it send you running into the arms of the Savior who promises to act on your behalf? Cling to him, no matter the situation, and watch him change your heart and defeat your real enemies, Satan, sin, and death!