Wednesday, August 13, 2008

The Fallacy of So Called ‘Safe’ Sex

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If it is God's will for me to ever be married, it's NFP for me, baby!

By Robert Colquhoun

It has been said that societies that do not direct their sexual energies toward the good of marriage and family begin to crumble.(Donald Demarco) In Britain, our government has wholeheartedly put its weight behind a drive to promote sex education offering free condoms, morning after pills while being taught safe sex. Without a shred of conceivable doubt, this project has been an utter disaster. From 1999-2004 sexually transmitted diseases had increased 62 percent, while teenage pregnancies were also up, in some areas leaping 34 percent. Most notably the areas with the greatest increases were in areas where the government had implemented its program. (Robert Reid, MD) Our government is so engorged in the contraceptive ideology that it has even allowed tax breaks for some contraceptives for the rest of society.

Ultimately the message of safe sex is hugely oxymoronic. No form of contraception is 100% effective, and our bodies are stubbornly protective of fertility, because the propagation of the species is too important. The notion that you can ‘protect’ yourself against somebody you want to be closest to leads to the conclusion that pregnancy is a disease to be avoided. When a young unmarried woman becomes sexually active, she is more exposed to becoming depressed, suicidal, have more break ups and later in life become divorced. ‘Safe’ sex is not safe for the soul. It’s deceiving to pretend that condoms are safe when they provide so little protection against so many STDs. Condoms offer little or no protection against the deadly Human papillomavirus. (K.L Noller) Given oral sex can transmit virtually every STD (Medical Institute on Sexual Health) is it ideological that governments continue to promote this farcical message?

First, let’s consider how safe the birth control pill is. The pill affects the blood clotting ability of the body, leading to a significant increase in risk of heart disease and stroke. (Bruce Stadel) Women on the pill are up to five times more likely to have a stroke than non pill users and three times more likely to have a heart attack.(Maureen Gardner) The birth control pill increases a woman’s chance of having breast cancer, cervical cancer and liver cancer. Twenty one of twenty three studies of women who took the pill before their first child showed increased risk of breast cancer. Birth control pills meddle with a woman’s immune system, making her more likely to contract certain STDs. And of course, contrary to popular belief, the birth control pill can also be an abortifacient. As the pill has the same side effects as pregnancy, this means weight gain, moodiness, skin change and nausea. Even Alfred Kinsey, a lynchpin of the sexual revolution, realised that “At the risk of sounding repitious, I would remind the group that we have found the highest frequency of induced abortion in the group which, in general, most frequently used contraceptives.”(Mary S. Calderone)

The pill can cause more than 150 biological changes in a woman according to the textbook of contraceptive practice. This can include gallbladder disease, headache, bleeding irregularities, ectopic pregnancy, yeast infection, changes to the curvature of the eye, excessive hair growth in unusual places, acne, and partial or complete loss of vision. There are many effects of the pill that are yet to be fully understood in the way they damage and upset the delicate yet beautiful aspects of womanhood. The pill was supposed to bring great liberation to women, but in the words of Christopher West, “Contraception is a sure way to keep women in chains.”(Good News About Sex and Marriage)

There’s one group of people who definitely do not want women to find out about the extent of damage that the pill does to a woman’s body and fertility. Given one pill called Ortho Tri-Cyclen recorded $715 million in sales in 2003, it is patently obvious that the pharmaceutical industry does not want the public to know how dangerous the pill is. After all, it would dent their profits!

But surely condoms are ‘safe’ then? Increased condom use by teens is associated with increased out-of-wedlock birth rates” (The Consortium of State Physicians Resource Councils). Not one country that has primarily used condoms as a primary means to prevent AIDS has had any success. (N. Hearst and S. Chen) So called ‘protection’ decreases with every repeated exposure. Other reports show that there have been higher unwed birthrates among sexually experienced teens despite increased condom use. (Physicians Resource Councils) It is quite patronising to teenagers to assume that they cannot control their behaviour, and then to call a small piece of latex ‘safe,’ when in reality its primary aim is the subliminal endorsement of promiscuity. Every teenager is capable of making responsible decisions and controlling their behaviour.

Some people argue that teenagers are simply going to do it anyway, and therefore we should endorse a policy of appeasement. It’s impossible to deliver a convincing abstinence message whilst at the same time handing out condoms- for a start people might think you were schizophrenic. If you want those you love to hear the truth in charity, we should want the best with every person. We are all able to make rational choices. With the issue between life and death at stake with unwanted teenage pregnancies and a plethora of nasty sexually transmitted diseases that condoms don’t really protect against anyway- it is more than treacherously negligent to pretend condoms are safe.

A woman’s body is the apex of creation and of outstanding natural beauty. When we artificially tamper with God’s great gift of fertility, in reality we create more problems than we solve. That’s why natural family planning is in accord with God’s great design of the body, as is as effective as any contraceptive measure. In the words of Clement of Alexandria, “To have coitus other than to procreate children is to do injury to nature.”(The Instructor of Children)

There is one method that is 100% effective against STDs, unwanted pregnancies and the physical, emotional and spiritual problems connected with pre-marital sex. The virtue of chastity protects the relationship we are in and helps us to be captivated by the beauty and pleasure of God’s way. True love waits and plans. It is capable of differentiating between physical involvement and true affection. Rather than being prudish, chastity helps us to avoid the heartache of quick emotional entanglements and leaves us well prepared for marriage and spotless before God. Chastity is a crown of triumph for those who achieve it.