Tuesday, June 03, 2008

How to handle difficult people

God calls us to be sincere, honest, and open in our relationships—even with those we find difficult. We can show them as much charity and respect as possible, but we should never be fake! If the Spirit tells you that you need to bring up a problem with someone, try your best to do it sincerely and with humility. You’ll find that your efforts at honesty will actually free you to love that person even more—and it will also help him or her to respect you all the more.

No matter how sincere we may be, however, we may still find it challenging to deal with some people. That’s where prayer comes in. Instead of complaining and gossiping—as Jesus’ opponents would have done—we can take our frustration to the Lord. If we count on him for help with so many other things, we can surely trust him with our difficult relationships! He wants to shine his light into every situation we face.

Is there someone who’s causing you a lot of tension? Try interceding, and see what happens. As your heart becomes united with Jesus in prayer, you may find just the words you need to say the next time you encounter that person. Or you may find the wisdom to keep silent. Ask Jesus to let you see him or her through his eyes, and he will help you to love them. Release this person to God’s care, and let his peace fill your heart. He has won the victory for us, not just over death but over all the broken places in our lives.

From The Word Among Us