Tuesday, June 17, 2008


There is a group in the Catholic Church that is called The Courage Apostolate. They help people with homosexual tendencies to live chaste lives in union with God. I just listened to a new episode of The Heart of Things podcast which had a director and members of the apostolate as the guest speakers. I thought this show did a good job of presenting the Catholic Church's views and why there is a need for an apostolate to help homosexuals, especially in the world that we live in today.

I encourage everyone whether you are Catholic or not to listen to this podcast to help you better understand why the Catholic Church teaches and believes that homosexuals have a disordered sexual attraction. Not that the people are disordered, only their sexual tendencies are disordered.

This is always a tough subject to address because it is such a "hot button" issue for so many people. Even I had concern about this teaching as I was learning about the Catholic Church. But if you really listen to what the Church has to say, actually, what GOD has to say, it does make sense and presents only the truth.