Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Meditation of the day

As we face a world filled with temptation, Peter’s words can be an important reminder: No matter how difficult it may seem to live the Christian life, we don’t walk alone. God has carved us on the palms of his hands. Jesus has redeemed us and called us each by name. We are his, and absolutely nothing in this world can take us from his love. These aren’t just comforting thoughts—they are as real as the blood Jesus shed for us!

When you go to pray today, take these truths with you. You may feel a million miles from God right now. Maybe you’ve said something you regretted, and you can’t stop blaming yourself for it. Maybe you’ve fallen into the same bad habit, and the devil is beating you down with guilt. Don’t listen to him—or to any condemning voice! God knows you are sorry. Just spend some time thanking him for his mercy and reflecting on the depth of his love for you. Let your mind be renewed. You really are a new creation in Christ!

From The Word Among Us