Monday, March 31, 2008

You can help for FREE!

I received an email a few months ago with a link to an animal rescue site where you can click a button which gives bowls of food to animals in need. Each time you click the button it says .6 bowls of food have been donated. The cost of the donation is paid for by the advertisers which are listed on the page.

I'm such a sucker for our furry little friends that this seems like a great way to help. All it costs me is a few seconds of my day to go click a button. And I like to read the little rescue story featured each day.

If you can see on the above picture there are also tabs at the top of the page for sites where you can donate food for the hungry, mammograms to help fight breast cancer, healthcare for children, books for literacy programs and protection for the endangered habitat of rainforests. Wow!

All of these sites are owned and operated by I did a little searching to see if they seemed like they were affiliated with any companies or organizations that I wouldn't be comfortable with as a Catholic christian. No obvious red flags popped up so I thought I would post this on my blog in order to help spread the word.

So, if this type of thing interests you go and get clickin'... happy, charity-filled clicking! :)