Tuesday, February 12, 2008

The Light of Life

An artist friend if mine, Nellie Edwards, created this great piece that she has called "The Light of Life." This is an image of Mary with Jesus in her womb. Nellie was inspired to create this image to show the sanctity (importance) of life from the moment of conception.

Can you imagine if Mary had said no to God when he asked her to be the Mother of God, or if she had an abortion and ended the life of Jesus before he had a chance to fulfill what God had created him to do? Most likely we wouldn't be here to ponder such questions, or if we were it would be a completely different and horrible world to live in.

EVERY life from the very first moment in the mother's womb comes from God and has a purpose in God's plan. If you are so blessed by God to be the parent of one of his children there is great JOY in that. There is no reason to be afraid (or selfish) because God will provide for the needs of you and your child. It is stated 365 times in the bible (one for every day of the year) to "BE NOT AFRAID." Anything is possible in God and he won't ask more of you than what you can do!

If anyone would like a print of this beautiful artwork, Nellie is selling them for only $15. Let me know if you are interested and I will hook you up!