Sunday, February 10, 2008

Governor Huckabee Tells Catholic Online Why he is Still Running

I have said this before and now I will say it again... I am not a political person! But this current time of looking for our next President of the United States has me worried. We, the citizens of the United State, have to take responsiblity for the future of our county and lives by voting. But we must vote in an informed manner based on morals and what is right. I have liked Gov. Huckabee from the start of his campaign because of his pro-life (from the moment of conception to natural death) and pro-marriage (between one man and one woman) Christian stance and beliefs. These issues are very important to me as a Catholic Christian that strives to live by, and loves, God's teaching on these matters. I have to admit that I really didn't expect Huckabee to make it this far in the election process so it gives me hope that he is still running. I liked the following article that I came across on today so I thought I should post it on my blog.

Please pray for this election, all of our political leaders and the future of our country... and the world.

By Deacon Keith Fournier
LOS ANGELES (Catholic Online) - Governor Mike Huckabee was the first Presidential contender to answer the questions put forth by Catholic Online concerning issues of great importance to Catholics.

He did so in an exclusive interview which quickly became our most read piece in our history.

Later, when there were repeated efforts to paint him as “anti-Catholic” we again approached him with a series of questions concerning this allegation. The allegation was patently false.

We also asked him to share his further thoughts on the fundamental human rights issue of our age, the right to life for every human person from conception to natural death.

Once again, the Governor graciously responded.

So did our readers! They quickly made it the second most popular piece in our history.

Now, Gov. Romney’s suspension from the campaign leaves Governor Huckabee as the only candidate standing between Senator John McCain and the Republican nomination.

Once again, some pundits and the chattering class have been trying to marginalize his appeal.I have written concerning those efforts in past articles.

However, there is now another front joined, the efforts to convince him to withdraw are coming from within the Republican Party.

We caught up with the Governor, which is hard to do given the frenzied pace of his campaigning, and asked him several questions concerning his decision to stay in this race.

DEACON KEITH FOURNIER:“Governor Huckabee, our readers and viewers have followed your efforts with great interest. They are inspired by your clear support of the right to life from conception to natural death and your affirmation of marriage and the family founded upon it.

You are the only candidate left who supports a Constitutional Amendment on both of these foundational issues which lie at the heart of our culture and ensure our continued freedom and global influence as a Nation.

Many of our readers and viewers have also been deeply touched by your concerns for the poor and the marginalized.

Efforts to marginalize you by using slogans such as “populist” have been apparently intended to disparage your “conservative credentials”. However, they have only made you more intriguing.

After all, Catholics are not capable of being easily categorized in the all too familiar boxes of “liberal”, “conservative”, neo-conservative” or “progressive” and have not paid attention to party labels for quite a while.

The press is filled with pundits speculating as to why you are staying in the race. I now ask you the obvious questions.

DEACON FOURNIER: Governor, please tell our readers and viewers why you are staying in this campaign?

GOVERNOR HUCKABEE: I am staying in because I want to win.

Not for my own ego aggrandizement, but because I care deeply about the issues that got me into politics in the first place, decades ago.

I will always defend Life and Marriage, for example, to name two critical concerns of mine.

The defense of traditional values and verities has been vitally important to me for as long as I have been involved in issues and politics.

After all these decades, I am not about to give up now—not until someone in this race secures 1191 delegates to the Republican convention in Minneapolis-St. Paul.

That’s seven months away.

A lot can happen between now and then. As I am sure my opponent would agree, this is not a coronation, this is an election.

Whoever wins this race will have to get out and work hard for every vote in every state, district and territory. The voters deserve nothing less.

DEACON FOURNIER: Do you intend to stay “all the way” to the convention?

GOVERNOR HUCKABEE: As I stated earlier, I am going to remain in this race until someone gets a majority of delegates at the Convention.

However, in addition, there’s the well-being of the conservative movement and the Republican Platform to consider.

I am resolute, for example, about the Pro-Life planks of the Platform.

Life-affirming words have guided us since 1980, and I want a strong endorsement of a Human Life Amendment to continue to guide us into the future.

And of course, I support a Marriage Amendment, too.

These and other causes—including reform of free-speech inhibiting “reforms”—are worth fighting for me.Conservatives know that they can count on me to fight for them!

Their confidence, as well as, of course, my faith, sustains me.

DEACON FOURNIER: What are some other issues which distinguish you from Senator McCain, on the Republican side?

GOVERNOR HUCKABEE: Senator McCain has run an honorable campaign. He is a true American hero.

However, there are numerous important policy differences between us, on issues ranging from 2nd Amendment rights to the Marriage Amendment.

I encourage your readers to visit both of our websites to study our stances on the issues. In the meantime, I will be campaigning, all the way to victory in Minnesota.

DEACON FOURNIER: Thank you for your time and your responses