Friday, March 02, 2007

We've gone adrift...

Over the course of the last few days we have received a fresh coating of about 9" of snow. For about the last 24 hours we have had very strong, gusty winds. Loose snow and high winds = snow drifts!

This is my nephew, Jacob, that is just under 4' tall standing behind one of the drifts in my sister's driveway. Her driveway always has drifts when we get any kind of wind and snow, but this is definitely the worst we have seen.

This is Jodi's (my sister) van for transporting her daycare kids. As you can imagine, they didn't go anywhere today! :)

Even I had some drifts that were a couple feet deep in my driveway, which is fairly rare. I don't have much yard space in the front of the house so the snow piles around the sidewalk and driveway are starting to get pretty deep.

I like how the drifts formed beside the house and made a cozy little shelter for my central air unit. It doesn't look like I will be needing the central air any time too soon!

I'm ready for spring now. :)