Sunday, March 18, 2007

I joined the Army today!

The Rosary Army, that is.

The Rosary Army is a great non-profit Catholic apostolate, run by Greg and Jennifer Willits, that encourages people to make, pray and give away rosaries. All you have to do is send them a request (more detailed information can be found at and they will mail you a FREE rosary. That is how I got my first rosary as I was learning about the Catholic Church, before my confirmation.

Ever since I received that rosary I have wanted to try making an all-twine knotted rosary myself, but didn't want to buy the supplies, not knowing what I was doing. Well, Greg and Jennifer also have a terrific podcast as a part of their apostolate that I listen to regularly. A couple of weeks ago on one of the shows they announced that Divine Twine was offering a FREE "starter kit" of enough twine for 1 rosary plus a metal crucifix. All you had to do was send an addressed, stamped envelope. I was all over that! I checked out the website and saw all of the beautiful colored twine that is being handmade by Teena at Divine Twine and was hooked.

I received my starter kit last week and finally worked up the nerve (and the time) to test my rosary making skills this morning. I watched the step by step instruction video on the Rosary Army website and... viola! The picture above is my final product. Not too bad for a first timer, I think. And I had so much fun creating that beauty that I have already ordered more twine from Divine Twine. All of the colors are so nice that I couldn't decide between them on my own, so I opted for the "Teena's Secret Stash" option where she will send you ten random colors of her choosing. I'm so excited to see what I get!! : )

The people that make, pray and give away rosaries for the Rosary Army are called "Rosary Army soldiers" by Greg and Jennifer. So, today I became a soldier and joined the army by making my first rosary, which I will now go pray, and give away when the perfect (God given) opportunity presents itself.

Side note about previous post: We now have pretty much NO snow left as of about Tuesday or Wednesday of this last week. That is crazy to me when I see the pictures below from just 2 weeks ago.