Wednesday, March 28, 2007

Anybody out there?

This was my view on the way to mass on Sunday morning. It was kinda scary and REALLY COOL! :) There are a couple of cars just ahead of me here but you can't see them at all. As soon as I opened the shades and saw the thick fog that morning I knew I had to take my camera with me.

I kept looking around thinking how cool the fog was, but it sure made me uncomfortable to have such limited vision. As a person who is used to always having good sight I felt uneasy with such a limited idea of what is going on around me. I have a deeper respect for the vision impaired after this experience.

Saturday, March 24, 2007

And now...

our gorgeous spring day has just ended with a beautiful blue and pink sunset.

God is good!! :)

SPRING!! : )

The tulips are starting to grow out of the ground and we had 70 degrees today. Good signs that spring is arriving. It is still much too early to think that we won't get more cold and snow, but at least we know it won't last for long at this point.

Happy spring ya'll!!

Sunday, March 18, 2007

I joined the Army today!

The Rosary Army, that is.

The Rosary Army is a great non-profit Catholic apostolate, run by Greg and Jennifer Willits, that encourages people to make, pray and give away rosaries. All you have to do is send them a request (more detailed information can be found at and they will mail you a FREE rosary. That is how I got my first rosary as I was learning about the Catholic Church, before my confirmation.

Ever since I received that rosary I have wanted to try making an all-twine knotted rosary myself, but didn't want to buy the supplies, not knowing what I was doing. Well, Greg and Jennifer also have a terrific podcast as a part of their apostolate that I listen to regularly. A couple of weeks ago on one of the shows they announced that Divine Twine was offering a FREE "starter kit" of enough twine for 1 rosary plus a metal crucifix. All you had to do was send an addressed, stamped envelope. I was all over that! I checked out the website and saw all of the beautiful colored twine that is being handmade by Teena at Divine Twine and was hooked.

I received my starter kit last week and finally worked up the nerve (and the time) to test my rosary making skills this morning. I watched the step by step instruction video on the Rosary Army website and... viola! The picture above is my final product. Not too bad for a first timer, I think. And I had so much fun creating that beauty that I have already ordered more twine from Divine Twine. All of the colors are so nice that I couldn't decide between them on my own, so I opted for the "Teena's Secret Stash" option where she will send you ten random colors of her choosing. I'm so excited to see what I get!! : )

The people that make, pray and give away rosaries for the Rosary Army are called "Rosary Army soldiers" by Greg and Jennifer. So, today I became a soldier and joined the army by making my first rosary, which I will now go pray, and give away when the perfect (God given) opportunity presents itself.

Side note about previous post: We now have pretty much NO snow left as of about Tuesday or Wednesday of this last week. That is crazy to me when I see the pictures below from just 2 weeks ago.

Friday, March 02, 2007

We've gone adrift...

Over the course of the last few days we have received a fresh coating of about 9" of snow. For about the last 24 hours we have had very strong, gusty winds. Loose snow and high winds = snow drifts!

This is my nephew, Jacob, that is just under 4' tall standing behind one of the drifts in my sister's driveway. Her driveway always has drifts when we get any kind of wind and snow, but this is definitely the worst we have seen.

This is Jodi's (my sister) van for transporting her daycare kids. As you can imagine, they didn't go anywhere today! :)

Even I had some drifts that were a couple feet deep in my driveway, which is fairly rare. I don't have much yard space in the front of the house so the snow piles around the sidewalk and driveway are starting to get pretty deep.

I like how the drifts formed beside the house and made a cozy little shelter for my central air unit. It doesn't look like I will be needing the central air any time too soon!

I'm ready for spring now. :)