Sunday, February 11, 2007

It's heeeeeeeeeeeeere...

I believe that spring fever hit home today.

I have been getting a little claustrophobic and feeling very trapped indoors the last few days.

Today I went outside on my back deck a few times in the early afternoon to shake the dirt off of rugs while doing some cleaning. Wouldn't ya know, it felt quite warm and nice because the sun was shining. So, next I found myself sweeping the snow off of my deck in order to spend a little more time outside in the "nice" weather. Well, that felt good enough that I decided I should go for a walk. I have been itchin' to get out for a walk. It's been way too long for me!

I headed out the door with a smile on my face because I was finally gettin' outside to take a much anticipated walk. About a block down the road I started thinking, "ya know, the breeze is a little cool. I better put my hat on to make sure I stay warm." (Luckily I was smart enough to grab my hat on the way out the door, just in case.) A few blocks later I start thinking, "I'm getting kinda cold already. Oh well, I'm fine. I'll just keep going and see how I do." Well... about a block later I was headin' back toward home. I was COLD. I ended up getting about a mile of exercise in the fresh (crisp) air, at least.

You want to know why I was cold? Today it was 14 degrees with a wind chill that made it feel like 6 degrees. Um, yeah, I believe spring fever has STRUCK!!