Friday, December 15, 2006

The lights of the night

So, last night I was being a responsible adult and a good Catholic yet managed to get myself in trouble with the LAW. Leave it to Dawn to pull off something like that! :)

Here's the story. Once upon a, just kidding.

It was about time for me to start heading over to Mandan for my adoration time at the church. I figured since I was going to be out driving around I would drop off a couple of bills that I had written checks for earlier in the evening.

I accomplished my mission and continued down the street to head over to Mandan. I came to a red light, stopped, looked for traffic and proceeded on my merry little way. As I started driving I looked in the rear-view mirror and noticed that there was a police car following me. I didn't think much of it and continued on to the next red light. As soon as the light turned green and I started going the lights on the cop car started blazing. Oh boy! But, what did I DO?

I pulled over and opened my window as the YOUNG (looked fresh out of the academy) officer approached my car. He very politely greeted me as his flashlight, pointed into my eyes, blinded me. I think he could see the look of wonder on my face because he quickly got to the point of telling me the reason he had pulled me over. The first red light I mentioned in this story was a NO TURN ON RED light. OOPS!

I seem to have a problem with that, it's not the first time someone (J—it was different light this time :) has pointed out that mistake to me. I obviously need to pay more attention to the signs in front of me because I truly didn't notice either one of them.

The nice young officer asked me to wait in my car while he took my drivers license back to his car. In a couple of minutes he was back with a smile on his face saying that he was going to just give me a warning this time but that I should pay more attention from now on. I thanked him and promised that I would be much more careful about reading the signs.

There's nothing like police lights and being pulled over as a wake-up call. I am now on a mission to pay more attention at red lights. It had been years since I had been "talked to" by the police and I hope it is many years before it happens again! :)

That's not the end to my night of lights, though. After I had finished my adoration time and was heading back to Bismarck on interstate some lights flickering off to my left caught my attention. I looked over to see some brilliant northern lights dancing across the sky. Wow! Even surrounded by the lights of the city they were bright and very noticeable.

As I pulled into Bismarck I decided another detour in my evening travels was now needed. I headed north of town a little ways and pulled over to watch the "light show." It amazes me how nature can do such spectacular things! Go to to see some GREAT photos of what I was watching. (BTW - I was going to name this blog entry "Thursday Night Lights" until I went to Clint's site and saw that he had already used that name. Darn! The early bird...) Anyway, I enjoyed the beauty for a little while and then figured I better get home before I got myself into any more trouble.

The end.