Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Ummmmm, what month is it?

Did we suddenly skip to January? Did I fall asleep and miss a couple of months?

Our weather is acting like it's January. We had quite the snow storm today - all day - which dropped over 3" of wet, heavy snow. I just heard on the news that our 3" of snow today is the same amount as we got in the entire month of January earlier this year. Usually January is our largest snowfall month of the year. What does all of this mean for our winter ahead? Hmmmmm, I'm kind of afraid to find out.

No, whatever happens, we will adjust and get on with our lives. That's just what we do. I actually had fun sweeping the foot of snow off of my car after work. I laughed that I had to dig my car scraper out of my trunk, from under my lawn chair and roller blades. That's not exactly what they recommend to have in your trunk as your "winter survival kit." ;)

It is the perfect snowman/snowball snow so I am sure all the kids (old and young) were having a blast.

I guess all of our prayers for moisture have started kicking in. Thanks for listening God! :)