Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Riding bike IN the house?

Yep, tonight I was riding bike in the house! And that's quite a feat in my LITTLE home.

Oh, OK, I was riding it as a stationary bike in my basement. I had the opportunity to get a free CycleOps trainer stand, through work, so I took full advantage.

Seeing as how, tonight into tomorrow, we are supposed to get snow and wind (which = blizzard) I figured it was a good night to get the bike set up in the basement.

Jason, you should be proud of me. I had to take the front wheel off of the bike to get it downstairs. It was a little rough, being my first attempt, but I think I succeeded. It didn't fall off the bike and roll away when I got on to give it a test ride anyway. :)

So, now I am set to get some exercise even when I don't feel like heading to the gym. And I am happy to get some use out of my new bike during the cold months. I figured it would sit in the garage, useless, all winter.