Friday, July 28, 2006

What in the world?

Life seemed to be really “off” for me this week - emotionally, physically and mentally. The world just didn’t seem to be rotating on its proper axis. Was it just my little corner of the world or did it spread farther than that?

All that I really wanted to do most of the week was sleep and eat. And then sleep some more. That was the one time of the day when I could find a little peace. Yet, even that peace was disturbed with some thought or another that would wake me up every couple of hours. I even woke up with a song running incessantly through my brain last night. At least it was a “good message” song, that made me feel better. But it was still weird!

Thankfully, I seem to have exorcised most of the demons from my brain as of Thursday afternoon. My lunchtime workout that day was a good way to clear out the bad and bring forth the good which brought me some much needed peace. Thank you!

I hope that my world will now be put back in order so I can have a good weekend. And follow it with better days next week.

I wish you peace and happiness in YOUR world. : )