Thursday, July 06, 2006

Becoming Catholic...

For the past several months I have been going through lessons all about the Catholic faith taught by my best friend Jason and his cousin Father Kenny. It is A LOT of information but it is really great stuff.

I was baptized and raised as a Lutheran but never really seemed to be drawn in or connected to the Lutheran faith. I hardly ever went to church and the subject was something that I just didn't want to talk about usually. I knew that something BIG was missing from my life and I always felt so lost and unsettled. These feelings had bothered me for a long time so I finally started searching for whatever it was that seemed to be missing. I attended a couple of different churches to see if anything would "spark" for me. I did like them better than the church I had been going to most of my life but still nothing seemed to really connect.

In the process of all of this I was introduced to this guy named Jason through a blind date set up by my friend. Now, through past experience these blind date situations hadn't worked out very well for me so I didn't have very high expectations for the situation. To my happy surprise, he turned out to be a really nice guy who seemed pretty normal. In fact that is how he described himself on one of our first outings - "I think I am a normal person." We have been good friends ever since so he must have proven that he is indeed "normal!" :)

Jason had fairly recently been confirmed into the Catholic Church so the subject came up a couple of times in our conversations. Since I was in my search for the missing link in my life mode I became pretty curious about the Catholic faith. Then I learned that Jason was also considering going to seminary in order to become a priest for the Roman Catholic Church. Wow, that one shocked me! Well, a few months later his thoughts became reality. He is now a seminarian who will begin his 6 years of schooling in August. So who better to start asking about the church than someone who is about to dedicate their life to it. Jason graciously agreed to start teaching me about the Catholic Church by means of the lessons that he had gone through with his cousin, Father Kenny, a Roman Catholic priest for the past 15 years.

I have learned an amazing amount of information in these lessons and for the first time in my life have felt a real connection with religion and God. Everything that I have been taught has made so much sense and really fallen into place for me which has bonded that connection even further. That missing link has now been found and I no longer feel that void inside. It must be showing on the outside as well because I have had many family members and friends comment on how much happier and different I am now. Some of the best things in life come to you through the most unexpected ways. Thank you Jason and Father Kenny, and Sommer for introducing me to Jason. And of course I can't forget to thank God. Amen!

Now I am reaching the end of my lessons and will soon be going through my confirmation into the Catholic Church... I am becoming Catholic!