Friday, July 14, 2006

12 of 12 - July 2006

I am a couple days late in posting these but I did take pictures of my day on the 12th of this month to share again, as I did in back in May. Enjoy - but if you don't, I'm sorry, this really is my life! :)

5:45 am - I got up early to take a walk before work that day because the weather forecast said it was going to be a HOT day. That is was! It was a beautiful morning for a walk but it was already 70˚ at 5:30 in the morning.

6:15 am - I walked to the top of Hillside Park, north of my home. They have this great little landscaped area at the top where you can sit on benches and...

look out over the scenery of the city. The trees look really nice but you can see how hot and dry it has been this summer by the brown grass. It hasn't been this dry in several years.

7:45 am - I am showered and ready so it's off to work I go. I thought I'd bring you with on my quick commute from home. For your safety I didn't speed or anything - but I suppose taking photos while driving isn't recommended by the Department of Motor Vehicles. :)

10(ish) am - I am now in the midst of my busy morning at work, but I still have a moment to share a smile with you! (Oh, I know, I'm such a dork. That's just who I am! :) I was "on fire" that morning and felt very productive, which is always a good thing at work.

11:30 am - The sun is out in full force beating through the tinted windows at work. I think it was over 90˚ by this time, and it was about 80˚ in my office. The poor little OLD air conditioner by my desk couldn't keep up with the heat and humidity that day.

1:15 pm - I ate my lunch at my desk so I would have time to get some errands done on my hour break. I had to make a stop in the cereal aisle. Oh, the choices!

1:45 pm - A quick stop at my humble little abode to drop off all of the goods that were purchased.

2:00 pm - Back to the office now to finish out my work day. 3 more hours to go - I can make it.

5:30 pm - Packin' up and heading for the beach! It was now 105˚ degrees so a couple of friends and I decided it was a good day to hit the water and try to stay as cool as possible.

6:30 pm - Ahhhhhhhh, that feels much better. Kennedy, the daughter of my friend, is thoroughly enjoying her "floating monster" while staying cool! It is really nice to have the river so close when you want to get to some water. (I like the leg sticking out of the water behind Kennedy in this photo. Good timing.)

7:30 pm - A storm moved in rather quickly and looked threatening but we only got a little bit of rain out of it. Not nearly enough for what we need right now.

13th BONUS PHOTO: The random word generator that we were using this month to determine our individual 13th bonus photo gave me the word "paper." If there is one thing that I have in my life during the week at work it is PAPER - everywhere!