Sunday, June 04, 2006

Well, I survived...

I am alive and in one piece after my motorcyle course. I guess that's pretty obvious since I am typing an update here.

It was a fun, nerve-racking, embarrasing, HOT and tiring experience. I met some really nice people and tried to do the best I could. The weather didn't cooperate with us quite as nicely as I had hoped for. Saturday it was 90 some degrees which meant it was over 100 degrees on the asphalt that we were driving on. Our required "gear" for riding was long pants, long sleeves, gloves, helmets and over-the-ankle boots. Not exactly 100 degree weather clothing of choice, ya know. We were all pretty much melting out there but everyone kept a good attitude and still had fun.

It turned out that in my group of 10 riders I was the ONLY ONE who hadn't riden a bike before. 2 of the people even rode up on their own bike's to class. Ummm, not a good start for me. I had never been on the front seat of a bike before - only happily on the back seat. So I was waaaaaaay behind from the start. Then the class just moved along much too fast for my slow-to-process brain. I couldn't keep up with the other riders, most of whom had their own bike's and had riding experience ranging anywhere from 1 month to several years.

I will address the embarrasing part now and get that out of the way - I laid the bike on its side twice. Oh yeah, I felt soooooo bad and embarrased. (Luckily I didn't hurt the bike because I was barely moving both times.) Those bikes are really heavy and once they get out of your control it's over. I, of course, was the ONLY ONE, once again, to do this horribly embarrasing act - while all of these other "experienced" riders were watching. I persevered though and got back on that bike after both times and continued on. It wasn't pretty, but I actually drove a motorcycle all by myself. I'm still kind of amazed by that fact.

I would still like to have my own bike someday. Then I could learn to ride at my own (slow) pace, and I wouldn't have to feel so nervous. I am the type of person that needs to learn something then have time to absorb it and get comfortable with it before I move on to the next thing. When the right time and opportunity come along I will get that chance. I look forward to it!