Saturday, June 10, 2006

A priest, a seminarian and an engaged man...

Sounds like the start of a joke doesn't it? Nope, sorry, just an observation from my life.

Last night I was in a room with a priest, a seminarian and an engaged man and the subject of marriage came up a couple of times. The response from all three of the men on the subject was quite negative. I have to say that such a response disturbs and saddens me. Is it just because I am the "emotional" female? Or is it something else?

Why I, of all people, still have such a belief in and desire for marriage is kind of amazing to me. My entire life has been surrounded with relationships/marriages gone terribly wrong and yet I still truly want to be married. To openly and honestly share my life completely with one man for the rest of my life sounds great to me. I don't think I am crazy in these thoughts because, as I have very recently been learning, this is what God has intended from the time of Adam and Eve. Since these thoughts and feelings are something that God has created in me I will just have to try and patiently wait to see what will happen with this aspect of my life.

Lord, give me strength!