Thursday, June 15, 2006

Bone Marrow Registry update

Some of you may remember that I did a blog back in March about being a part of the National Bone Marrow Registry. Well today I received an interesting email (copied below) from the NMDP (National Marrow Donor Program) that I wanted to share because they have made the whole process even easier and pain free now. What more can you ask for?

Collection of cheek cells replaces blood samples for tissue typing
Say goodbye to blood samples -- say hello to buccal swabs!

"Buccal" (pronounced "buckle") comes from the Latin word for cheek. A buccal swab is a cotton swab used to collect cells from the inside of the cheek. These cells are used to determine a person's tissue type when joining the Registry.

Beginning in May, buccal swabs are replacing finger sticks and blood draws for sample collection. They are as accurate as blood samples for tissue typing. Buccal swabs are also convenient and painless. The vast majority of people joining the Registry prefers the buccal swab to a finger stick or blood draw.

If you or potential donor on the Registry comes up as a match for a patient, we will likely need the donor's blood sample then, so we can confirm the best possible patient match.

Easy, right? Wow!

They also included the web address where you can go and join the Registery online: and order a tissue typing kit (the buccal swab) to be sent to your home. They charge $52 to do it this way, in order to cover the tissue typing costs, but you wouldn't even have to leave your home to join the Registry. That's pretty convenient!

If you have any interest in helping this cause with me please go and get more information from THANKS!