Saturday, July 01, 2006

Back among the civilized with an assignment to do...

I have made it back to civilization where there is computers, internet, email and cell phone service. Yay! Talk about a culture shock for a few days, wow. I felt like I was back in the 80's! :) Just kidding, but it really was strange to feel cut off from the world that I am now so used to. All of my extended family members were feeling the same way - young and old. Up in the mountains of the Black Hills, where we were staying, we had very little or no cell phone service. Yet almost all of us still had our phones with us continuously. I guess it's like a security blanket, even if it isn't of any use it still feels better to have it with you.

Despite stepping back in time electronically it was a nice vacation/reunion. I had fun visiting with my relatives that I don't get to see very often anymore. We had some adventures that became even more adventurous than originally intended. That seems to be the way it goes when you get a large group of people together. I even rode a horse on a mountain trail which was really fun. I hadn't ridden a horse in many years so I ended up with a saddle sore butt the next day. Well worth it though!

Now, I see that I came home to an assignment issued by my fellow blogger friend Michelle. Apparently I have been tagged! I really wasn't sure what that meant at first so I was somewhat confused. Now that I have read Michelle's blog, and gotten the instructions, I am more than up for the challenge. Thanks for including me Michelle, I feel so important now! :)

The instructions for those of you that didn't go look at the link are:

"The rules are simple: Write 10 words beginning with that letter (which was assigned to me by Michelle) in your journal, including an explanation what the word means to you and why, and then pass out letters to those who want to play along."

So with no further ado - I have been assigned the letter "N."

Natural: Since my blog is named "Natural Design" obviously this word means something to me. I like things and people that are natural, not fake and/or made up for show. God has created things the way He wants them, so that is the way they should stay. Everything and everyone is beautiful in their natural state - maybe you don't see it that way but someone does.

Nature: Natural leads me to nature. I am a "nature girl" at heart. I love to be outside and can just sit and look at the nature around me for hours. I find it beautiful and calming to be out in the peaceful nature that we have been given. I urge everyone to slow down for a few minutes and appreciate the nature around them today - summer or winter!

Nephew: Jacob, the little bugger that can melt a girls heart just by one smile or laugh. He is amazing to watch grow and change so quickly, every time I see him in fact. Jake led the pack of all of us out horseback riding that day. His first time on a horse, instead of a pony being led in a circle inside a fence, and he did GREAT! He wasn't nervous even though he was seperated from his mom and had so much fun. His independence and personality really showed this week and it was incredible to see.

Near: It's always so much better to have friends and loved ones near, but near or far you are forever in my heart and mind which keeps you close to me!

North: North Dakota, namely Bismarck, North Dakota, is my home. This, of course, makes it special to me. I didn't appreciate this place as I was growing up but that has changed a lot the last several years. As I have gotten older and done some traveling I have discovered that I am always happy to get back home to North Dakota where I am established and comfortable. Not to say that I would never live anywhere else, that is always a possibility, but North Dakota will always be "home."

Nest: Speaking of home - I have a bird nest that was built out on my old air conditioner (that I don't use anymore) which has been occupied for the last three summers now. Every year that nest is put to good use to bring some new baby birds to life. I look forward to seeing and hearing the birds in the nest each spring. So far it seems we have had a 100% survival rate, which is amazing since I have a cat that gets to freely roam the yard. She is such a spoiled house cat that I don't think she even comprehends the idea of being a predator/hunter. Lucky birds!

Niagara Falls: I love water and water falls. Since Niagara Falls is one of the most widely known and popular water falls around I would like to get to see them live and in person one of these days. I am sure the site and sound would be incredible to behold.

Nerves: Those nasty little things that can make me such a bumbling idiot - and so easily! Being an introverted, somewhat shy person these nerves make their appearance quite often in my life. Thankfully, with age, it has gotten a little better but I have come to accept the fact that they will always be with me showing themselves to the world.

Name: I remember (way back when) in school that everyone always seemed to be unhappy with their own name for some reason or another, especially us girls. We were always coming up with different names for ourselves that we thought were better. As adults, with our own distinct personalities, we seem to have "grown" into our given names. I can't imagine being anyone other than Dawn now.

New: Every morning is the start of a new day. That is a gift given to you, so try to make the most of each day. Even if you're not doing anything "exciting" find one thing from each day that you are greatful for. Before long you will start to appreciate even the "small" things that we tend to overlook in our busy lives.

Now, to "pass out letters to those that want to play along." I don't know if they will really WANT to, but I will dole out a few letters anyway and hopefully these GREAT people will play along. :)

jsignal - you get the letter S
creative chicen - you get the letter B
Michelle - oh, OK, I will give you a pass since you have been tagged a couple of times already :)

I'm not really sure of other people that read my blog, that have their own blog, so for these people below I will post their responses on my blog when I receive them via email. Hint, hint. ;)

Mom - you get the letter L
Jodi - you get the letter H
Rena - you get the letter K
Angie - you get the letter M

Alright Michelle, assignment completed! And now I have a blog long enough to be a book. :)