Sunday, May 21, 2006

Just a girl...

Sometimes it's so frustrating being a single female in this world.

I work very hard, and usually succeed at, being independent and taking care of as many things as I possibly can by myself. Sometimes, though, it just comes down to the brute force and strength factor that we have no control over - men just are bigger and stronger. When you don't have a man in your life to rely on that can just get frustrating!

Today my sister Jodi, a single mother, was trying to be a strong, independent, capable woman. She was securing the swingset in her backyard with anchors so it doesn't move around while the kids are playing on it. Sounds simple enough right? Well, those so called simple things just never seem to go that smoothly.

Jodi worked very hard at getting the anchor stakes plowed down into the very hard, dry ground. A couple of them went in fairly well - not easily, but they got done. Then she started running into problems. There are a lot of old tree roots in the ground where she was trying to put these stakes which would quickly bring progress to a halt. I was there offering any help I could but, also being a female, didn't do much good in this situation. So we had to break down and call in a male for help. Sure enough, in about 10 minutes he had completed what we had been struggling with for an hour. I am very grateful for the help that we received but I am still frustrated that we couldn't just complete the task on our own. Oh well, life just isn't fair sometimes. Though it does prove to me that men and women really do NEED each other in life.

I do want to say that I was impressed with your hard work today Jo! GO HARD WORKING MOM!!